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    smoothcriminal Guest

    Default How to get laid after the first meeting?

    My friends share their stories about getting laid after the first meeting. I kind of feeling insecure when they are telling me those stuff. For years in picking up girls, I never tried getting laid after the first meeting. Usually, it happens after a week after developing some attraction. Is getting laid after the first meeting really possible?

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    Bare_Legs Guest

    Default Re: How to get laid after the first meeting?

    Yes, it happens all the time.

    Unless a girl went somewhere with the intention of getting laid, then few also actually want to be bedded after the first meeting. First of all, there is that stigma for a girl doing so on the first meeting/date. While guys are applauded for such, girls are called loose (even by the guy who enjoyed every minute of it).

    You have to work the girl that it seems sex with you was something she wanted first or more, despite it being the first meeting. She has to feel that she could be wasting an opportunity here, that you must be really great in bed OR that she had a grand, grand time that it only seems proper to end it with sex.

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    BadMedicine Guest

    Default Re: How to get laid after the first meeting?

    Cut the filly from the herd. I repeat.

    girls are just as horny as guys. They do want a sense of social/ physical stabuility, and dont want to seem like the whorin' bizch that her and her friendswere just talking about, but after presenting yourself as a nice guy (which you should be..herherher,,) cut her from the pack with whatever smooth excuse you can, your ride, the dance floor, how slick the next room over is.... and get her one on one, this is when a pua shines(atleast this crowdphobic, low-esteemd pos). It's nice to make a reputation and build prowess with an entire group but, if the idea is to *attack-on-site* you need to get the ladies either in ones or two depending on your skill level. *When in "bachelor" mode* as many as maybe 1/2 of the chicks I've *entertained* have been on the first meeting. now quite a few of these I had met on the net prior....the last frontier gentleman, don't underestimate it... but many times I've met girls at the bar or school and had occassion for relations.

    IMHO the best place for this is the college...even if you're not in school, I go there all the time. I take buddies there, I'm like, lets go get a coffee, I know this place loaded with (relatively)smart, most of them are in walking distance from what're called "dorms".. it's like a hotel that you don't have to pay for. You know whats in dorms? more girls. so once you get in, you dont have to leave for days.

    I digress, I think the bar is about the least good place to pick up first-nighters because... well, barflys who are predispositioned to one nighters.. (now i'm going to sound judgmental and blaming...) are, know where I'm going. I feel better about myself (shallow, narcassistic, & judgemental) when I feel like it was ME who initiated/ caused the chain of events, and not that I was guy who happened to be standing in front of girl who happened to be looking for the guy. At the bar I get that feeling sometimes....

    k. now i've managed to sound like a judgemental d1ck. Point being, you are never going to get with a friend in front of her friends on the first meeting without her thinking about risking alienating her friends, who may either be in competition for your attention, or influencing her (direct or indirect) to no trust/ go with strangers, with the penalty of being gossiped/ labeled a slut/ disowned soon afterwards. few girls would risk so called *friends* over that, and that is the basis of the necessity for separation. She can always tell her friends she, got sick/got a ride home/ got a breath of fresh air/ went for a walk... maybe 10% of them will tell more than their very BFF what really happened and how amazing you, (me) are.

    When I used to go out with buddies, that was the plan. one cut, two cut; one butt, two butt. One friend (plus one new friend) splits the scene first, the seconds job is to hold the rest of the herd from fragmenting and babysitting, the second, after due time spent, can attempt a second cut of the deck. may or may not be as easy as the first.

    atleast thats what I've heard.

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    royalflash Guest

    Default Re: How to get laid after the first meeting?

    Getting laid after the first meeting is possible man. It's not a myth. It really depends if during the first meeting, a great sexual attraction occurs. And also, if the girl wants to be get laid after your first meeting. Whatever it is, just always prepare a condom in your pocket. :P

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    bloodDiamond Guest

    Default Re: How to get laid after the first meeting?

    Getting laid is one of the most awaited achievements in picking up women-admit it guys.. Yes, it is very possible to get laid after the first meeting. If not well, you can wait though until the legs are open wide for you. But hey, don't just wait. Work on it.

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    HotRod Guest

    Default Re: How to get laid after the first meeting?

    There were a couple of times when after the first meeting with a girl, we ended up in the bedroom. It is not difficult , if during your first meeting,she is sexually charged and has a great sexual attraction on you.

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    Ridikulus Guest

    Default Re: How to get laid after the first meeting?

    It's common in chatrooms or message boards (or any social networking site for that matter) for people to meet up with the intention of having sex (SEB). Guys meeting girls this way are more likely meeting girls who are sexually primed already (it was estrus, their man isn't delivering well, they wanna end a dry spell, or you and her have engaged in sex chat, phone sex and sexting)... the catch, however, is that they may get disappointed in you or vice versa (even if you've exchanged pics already, because girls are apt to use flattering pics in their MySpace accounts but look totally different irl).

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    slasherguy Guest

    Default Re: How to get laid after the first meeting?

    Sex is already programed inside us guys(well.. in girls too). If during your first meeting, a strong sexual attraction occurs, then there's no reason why you won't get laid after your meeting.

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    TopGuy Guest

    Default Re: How to get laid after the first meeting?

    I tried getting laid after the first meeting-just a couple of times. However,most girls that I hang out with, it takes a week or so before getting laid. It depends upon the girl if she wants to get %^%$@! right after you first met. Develop a strong attraction and ignite her sexuality by flirting with her. If she flirts with you, flirt back.

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    Bare_Legs Guest

    Default Re: How to get laid after the first meeting?

    Just to share.

    Once I met up with this guy who I've been chatting with for months. We just ate dinner and he decided to tour me around the city (I was just visiting for work). He even showed me where sex workers flaunt their wares and we had ice cream and he kept me laughing the whole time. Then he did the gentlemanly thing of bringing me back to my hotel. Man, was I miffed for reasons I couldn't understand that time. I got him to fetch me again and well, we ended up spending the night together.

    I never imagined I'd be sleeping with him and although he wanted me ever since, he also didn't expect me to have sex. So really guys, give the girl a good time If she's sexually liberated enough, you wouldn't even have to say any magic words

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