As we know knowledge is half the battle and planning the venture is often times more important than sprinting around in the dark searching for some type of substance.

There is many things we can do in life but Pick Up by far is one of the best things I have found. It helps me not just to increase my chances with women (mostly sarging not so much real life) after discovering Outer Game it caused me to focus on improving my wardrobe, game collection, movie collection, and getting buff. Not only do I work out to get an edge on the competition but it helps improve my life as a whole. Granted the women I used to meet in life were when I was AFC in Church, The Buckle, and at Work I still got lucky sometimes. But it seems like now I am getting to the place where I can almost approach any woman and ever since I dated a Cougar all the Cougars at work started attacking me (which is like my new aura) and though I will no longer date women I work with, go to Church with, or any AFC avenue I have still noticed gaming chicks at Work & Church just ain't fun so I decided on becoming the Outer Game Superman and becoming the King of Summer. So now that I have switched up my style to focus on Outer Game for my new downtime my Inner Game likely should hit a new level.

With that said, I have since decided to tone it down by going out less by restricting my going to Summer to not only maximize the impact but also make it more calculated. I am working on a theory that HB's don't like Bad Weather as everytime it was snowing when I went to a Club no HB's showed up, hardly any HB's at the Club during Winter, and lastly there was no HB's at the Holiday Event when it was raining. But it seems as though during the Summer all the HB's come out for a number of reasons. First you can't go swimming, get a tan, or hardly ever see tight clothing really when it is a Winter Wonderland out. So I decided instead of groping around in the dark to not only go out but to go out at the right time which would be Summer. So each and ever Summer I will be out and about and wanted to list my blueprint for the year. So as you can see it's not that I am afraid to go out it's that I want to maximize the impact and since it is extreme winter weather out, there is like no where to go plus due to my Bad Weather theory the Club will be packed but not with HB's. For the record last winter I had seldom found HB's at the Club and the Club was dead (hardly no targets) Feb, Mar, April, and May but June, July, August, Sept, Oct it got hot and heavy in there. So seeing how I focused solely on Night Game this past year next year I will overhaul the whole thing and here is my layout or gameplan beginning in June (When the Clubs get going)

day game Venues
Water Parks, Amusement Parks, Beer Festivals, Holiday Events, Pool Parties, Indoor Malls, and Outdoor Malls

Indoor Malls Disclaimer:
You will notice most these are again restricted to Summer which again further adds to my bad weather theory. Not saying you can't meet someone in bad weather just saying it demotivates a lot of people and highly unlikely. As for Indoor Malls I know a lot of amatuer PUA's are getting banned from Malls lately due to the sarging behvaior but the way I view it is when I approach in Indoor Malls I am already shopping, eating and the randoms (usually one about 1 set) I do approach during the day welcome my invitation and try to prolong the interaction where as the guys sarging are getting brushed off. The reason I am not getting banned is because I am a normal person carrying about my business not loitering (part of the problem with sarging malls) but actually moving from point A to point B and since I am there shopping for nice clothes to look good for women I only up my value when I go and talk to them. I don't be a douche by not carrying on this behavior but usually only see about 1 hottie when I hit up the Indoor Mall as the Indoor Mall doesn't seem like the place overrun with hotties. Not only that but I have gone to the Malls in the Big City and like no targets when I was scouting. So I have more luck going to the Mall at random when I am not looking to approach but to shop and working those Sets into my game is why I never get banned from Malls because I do it right. But noob guys who don't understand the Game sarge the Mall for sometimes going for a huge number of Sets and multiple hours on end which demonstrates very low value (which is why they get banned, kicked out, discovered, and offend people). Let me put it plainly I don't Sarge the Mall. This is a public place that should be free from loitering, harassment, and stalking. So I do my one Set if need be (if a hottie is present) and go on my way. But I don't make a day of it and that's the difference in why I never get found out and maintain high value. Likely I will go for the insta-date since N-closing is so hard to pull off in Indoor Malls.

Water Parks & Amusement Disclaimer:
So pretty much the same thing again noob guys will continue to get banned, kicked out, discovered, and offend if they carry the sarging behavior here. The Water Park is a public place and though you can't break the loitering rule you can still stalk and harass. So again like the Indoor Malls I will be casually approaching a few targets but very very selectively. And by selectively I mean carefully selecting targets and approaching them at a slow pace. Likely I will go for a mini-bounce at these venues to test compliance before bouncing to my locker to N-close.

Outdoor Malls Disclaimer:
I lucked out and they have a Summer annual weekly music festival which like many of these Day Game Venues will be during Summer hence the wait.

Night Game Venues
Bars & Clubs
Like I said mostly Summer due to the Bar I go to being an Outdoor Bar no one really goes in the Winter and the hotties tend to stray away from the Club in the colder months. But during the Summer it is a madhouse. Also Bars & Clubs sarging is welcome and appreciated and should be taken advantage of to the full.

This is just my plan till my early 40's then likely will cut out the Night Game since it will be past my time and stick strictly to Day Game. This is my future planned game layout starting next year for Approaching and Outer Game. Not to mention but also I will be doing some sarges during the Day and then at Night since this year I spent a lot of time during the Summer scouting for target rich locals and since I found them I will frequent them making a whole day of it but not a whole day being strung up in some Mall. The day will sometimes start with hitting the Water Park in the afternoon, Outdoor Mall in the evening, and Bars & Clubs at night just to start but it will get intense and I am ready for that as likely crazy things could happen.