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Thread: Rooster's Advice On AA

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    Default Rooster's Advice On AA

    I saw a video recently by tyler from rsd on aa and it made me start thinking how I had overcome my aa and how this can help a newbie. I've found three strategies that have helped me immensely to overcome it.


    Basically going out initially is hard, but as you go out more and more you get a snow ball effect and it becomes more normal for you to approach. When you first start out you have negative momentum, society implicating approaching women is for douchebags quote on quote. With consistent sarging over a long period of time you will build up a lot of momentum and will no longer have AA. Keep going out and don't be hard on yourself.

    Social Circle

    Immerse yourself in the community as best you can. Join a local lair or get some wings. Study pickup, run it in your car. Think breathe pickup. Society tells you its not ok for people to approach and pickup women. Its supposedly creepy and wrong. So create your own society. Make your own universe where everyone is supposed to approach. With the added support approaching will be much easier.

    Self Understanding

    Why is it approaching hard to do. Cause you don't know who the fark you are and if someone were to reject you then in your weak version of reality you'd be the guy who gets rejected or in a weaker reality you'd be the ugly guy.

    This trick or strategy takes years to take affect and eventually will destroy your aa permanently.

    As you walk your pua journey you will develope a strong reality and sense of self and no matter what anyone says about you, you know who you are better than the other person. So you no longer fear approaching. You can machine gun approach bitches. Garnering numbers and getting laid like a beast.

    With that being said PEACE
    "I've never seen anyone pull as quickly or as efficiently as you"
    -HarryRat(Simplepicku p)

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    Default Re: Rooster's Advice On AA

    Yeah. The thing about society is that not knowing yourself is the way it should be.

    That's total BS. The media makes money off of you trying to learn about yourself. But, they will never let you truly know yourself.

    Laugh at a joke, but hey! the joke isn't funny anymore, you have an obvious problem you politically incorrect schmuck!

    Talk to a girl about how cool her shirt is and she and everyone else will look down on you because you're obviously concentrating on her boobs, and not at her awesome band emblem.

    Get over how people see you because you won't know who you are. Like 0Rooster0 said, you get out and sarge enough you won't have Approach Anxiety, because you will know yourself at that point.

    Take it for what it's worth, the secret: you are who you think others think you are.

    Sarge my friends, sarge~

    If you have enough confidence to approach anyone, anywhere, any (reasonable) time -- you are your own self, with all your uniqueness.

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