This is probably going to be long so I can let you guys know my situation in detail. So when I broke up with my ex I met a really nice girl at work who just broke up with her boyfriend the same week. Well that week I ended up getting her number and we talked everyday for about 2 weeks after that. I went through the normal try to get to know each other through texts phase and told her I thought she was sexy (which in return, I got something along the lines of, if you were drop dead sexy I'd tell you that, but don't worry, your attractive), however when we were playing 20 questions she did ask questions like what is the perfect girl to you, which I took as an indicator.

Well I ended up going on a lunch date with her which I feel so-so about. Here is where I think I messed up. I have trouble looking people in the eyes (I feel awkward and get an impulse to break the contact and look around) and shes the type to stare you in the eyes when she talks to you. Also, couldn't really find anything to talk about besides work and school but she remained smiling and I kept getting her to giggle. Well I later got her to agree to a movie but she was busy (the first time I know legitimately) so it was called off. So I kept asking her if she was free (here, I came off needy) and she kept saying she was busy, but I knew to myself that if she was REALLY into me she'd find time. So stupidly (I honestly don't know why I thought this was a bright idea) said something like you realize I'm not trying to just go as friends and I see you as a potential mate, which obviously she said she don't feel that way (her exact words were closer to I don't know you well enough). From there I cooled down talking to her and sometimes have fun conversations at work with her, but I can tell its more of her just legitimately finding what I say funny rather than her just laughing at my jokes.

So I believe the root of this problem here is that I don't know how to talk to girls that aren't easy. Like I can easily talk to easy girls and get in their pants, because within the first or second conversation I can steer it to sexual and then take them on a movie and go straight for kiss and turn that into a make out session. But with girls who I don't know are easy, I get nervous cause I feel like I'm going to like offend them. I'll probably start another thread about this because when I get married I want it to be a girl who I know I'm the only one has been inside of her.

Anyway back on topic. We don't talk much besides small talk at work now. I have several girls I'm working on ATM but she seems to be the only one whos girlfriend material, so I'm going to start trying to work game again after I get some help from you guys as to what to do. I don't think I'm exactly in the friend zone cause we don't really talk anymore until we're like face to face, but I know for sure I'm not seen as potential partner in her eyes right now, so I'd like some advice as to how to rebuild an attraction and what to say when I talk to her thats flirty but won't be too drastic. Also, when and how should I ask her to go on a date again?