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Thread: How to Hold Conversation Like a Man

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    Default How to Hold Conversation Like a Man

    Hey guys, so I'm fairly new to the PUA community and just discovered Nick Sparks last night as I was getting ready to go out. I was just browsing around on Youtube looking at Neil Strauss and then stumbled upon a video that Nick Sparks did at the 21 Convention this year. I don't know how many of you guys have seen it and I suppose this piece would be directed towards the more "amateur" group of us, but I'm sure it can benefit anyone who watches it. It's an hour long bit called, you guessed it, How to Hold Conversation Like a Man. I postponed my night for an extra hour just to watch it and boy did it help me out a lot! Conversation flowed perfectly when I was talking to the group and there were hardly any of those awkward pauses(which he talks about in his speech)I suppose I already had all the skills to do what he was talking about but I just needed a bit of direction. So enough of me talking, for those of you haven't seen the video I highly recommend it and even to the guys who have impeccable conversation abilities it can only benefit them. So Google "21 convention how to hold conversation like a man" and it's the first video to pop up. Good luck out there!

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    Default Re: How to Hold Conversation Like a Man

    this is good! Wasn't expecting to watch the whole thing but I thought he had some great points.

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