As many of you know as I have stated here I have no problem getting phone numbers and now when I kick off next Summer I am moving steadily away from going for the quick kill and now going to prolong my interactions and try more tactics.

I was a hardcase noob when I first started but now I can get phone numbers more easily (sometimes within minutes or saying one sentence) and trying less and less hard to get there. So I am going to be putting on the moves on HB's more and more. For a noob this was great as how can a noob get a date or a bar pull? But I did it. Now the numbers are rolling in and due to all the disconnect that occurs I will be focusing on my next goal. Getting a HB9 or HB10 GF. Last year my goal was to get a Lady Friend and dump her which I accomplished with an HB8.

So here's the layout of my gameplan:

Openers- I make all my own creative openers. I don't use canned material I find online unless it is tweaked to my own style and I don't use canned material unless it is my own and primarily to warm up. Sometimes I open up big sometimes I low ball it and I noticed both these options work just depends on the target and atmosphere.

Mid-Game Techniques- Push Pull, Hot & Cold, Isolation, Bounce, Make Outs, Kino, calibration, Compliance Tests, Moves, Re-Approaches, and Self-Amusement

end game Techniques- N-closes, F-closes, and Timebridges

As you know I am huge on Outer Game but that was because I was way too much into Inner Game last year. Now I will be sinking my teeth into Inner Game again next year. I will be hitting up some interesting venues and going all in on aa this year. My goal is primarily not to get laid but get a GF and get laid over the LTR facade (as I need to work on my confidence) and ultimately wondering into the most uncomfortable of scenarios. I think I will purposely throw myself into uber hard situations (most extremely fine HB's have hard social dynamics when approaching) and getting myself used to the AA. I am moving further away from validation since I get overly fond of myself which kills the interaction. My goal is to just have fun and when locating the target to approach said target. I am going for 200 Approaches this year and whatever else may happen I'll let it happen. My goal is to challenge women more and make them fight for me and let them do some work you know the old lover's quarrel (Guy pushes girl away as an A-hole and girls whines to him about wanting to stay and wanting him to give her validation). Why my stuff works is because I use my own stuff and try to remain present. Most PUA's I see that need the most help are using routine pick up lines and never breaking out of asking the same things or saying things that totally throw things off track and have low value. They don't remain present and when sh!t tested seek validation from others when you need to search within.

My method is really good though largely needs more field work with many different scenarios and situations to get good. But yeah the whole "I can't get a GF" phase is over as I got one. Now the getting laid phase is on and the screwing around with chicks is more on. As you will see my FR's will be intense. It's coming. This is really just a warm up. Be cautioned my openers and closers are about to get awesome. My "Bring It" opener was a hit. My Pick Up line text was a smashing success. As I have now progressed it is less about getting numbers and getting validation but more about making them chase me, building attraction, and getting the lay. Time to move on finally!