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Thread: Battle AA like an MPUA

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    Default Battle AA like an MPUA

    I say battle because there is no way to conquer aa. Mystery the world's greatest pick up artist gets massively into this and even caught on video not approaching a HB9 but going for an HB5 to pump state. No one can conquer AA as it is hardwired into your head for a reason.

    AA Rules of the Game

    Rule #1 AA is hardwired
    AA exists to protect you for one thing. Approaching and making out with some dude's chick can you get knocked out if you are just being totally socially unaware. Not happened to me but I had guys calling my phone saying they would knock me out for hitting up their girl after I scored their number in the Club or wherever.

    Rule #2 Approaching naturally attracts with good intent
    Approaching attracts attention (part of building attraction hardwired into their head to be intialliy drawn to you if you are not a douche). This is why everything is not free game. If you are in the Post Office, in the Store, that doesn't mean hey hit up every girl in sight. Mystery says to "scout target rich locals" such as Clubs, Bars, Festivals, Outdoor Events (Such as Outdoor Malls or Holiday Events). I live up to this as I save my approaching now for Summer as I am an Intermediate PUA and no longer needy or desperate for attention that I need to approach every girl in the store, indoor mall, or work.

    Rule #3 Approaching is for action takers only
    Approaching is not for some dude walking around an indoor mall ruining every girl's day, having security called, disrupting the peace by making false conversation to pump state. People don't go to Indoor Malls to socialize and when people try to talk to them to overcome AA it is major creeper status since they are already in a funky mood.

    After doing 100 approaches I can clearly understand all the concepts in Pick Up and it is easier to try the complicated stuff since I have a firm foundation laid in the action taking. Now I have not scored a lay yet in The Game but working towards getting there. After all there is no way to conquer AA as I realized I have no way to approach some HB's like in the County Court Office. So I just stick with target rich locals since it keeps me out there and active. And hey when I am in state I am getting numbers, getting make outs, getting pulls, much better results I can say opposed to work or stores where the social pressure is just too high to pull a girl from shopping or something.

    I hear on here some guys go to the Indoor Mall walk around for two hours and come back with zero self confidence after doing 0 approaches. Well let me tell you the social pressure is so high in indoor malls that's why as a aspiring MPUA I don't go there I get enough girls in my sarging efforts that I don't need to rely on weak approaches to try and get the close.

    But this Summer when I am back in action you won't see me walking around the Water Park coming home bummed out how I walked around for 4 hours and did 0 approaches. I will come home with stories. I always come home with stories. I make my own destiny. That's why I go to these places for me and to have fun. If I am not having fun I am not approaching period. Usually approaching is the only way to have fun but remember to be outcome independant you have to draw state from within and create your own fun to not seek value from the girl.

    Now the way I see it I will be out at the Water Park having my own fun, talking to people, riding the rides, and hitting up girls in the process. Where as guys who just roam the venue like a lost puppy never can muster the courage to make the approach because that's their only focus. But when you like me overcome the need for validation it makes the approach easier. Therefore day game is my new Hardcase Noob project for myself. I will not come home bummed out. I will hit up the Water Park and approach then hit the Outdoor Mall and approach and then the Bars & Clubs and approach. All in all I will come home after having a blast with myself and with others. This is why I can score a Dimepiece's digits cuz it's not about going for the 10. It's about getting out of your head and pumping your state with the 6's and 7's then once the night has you in the zone you got your A Game on point. This is why my Inner Game is so good. Don't focus on the goal. Focus on the moment and everything else will fall into place. That's the way I battle AA, remember if you try to conquer it you will only fail as you never learn to celebrate the small victories. This is me celebrating the small victories.
    101 Sets, 30 #'s, 4 K-closes, 1 Date, 1 Bar Pull. My next adventure starts Summer 2014 at the Brewfest, Water Park, Bars, Clubs, etc. Getting Hotels now to prevent driving drunk so really only 2-3 times a month doing Night Game June-Oct. Lots of Day Game.

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    Default Re: Battle AA like an MPUA

    Good read and what I can gauge from this is that you go for what works for you best. You simply don't try to be something else if you're not comfortable with. At least that's what I've got. It sort of explains my predicament. I just got into PUA and all these cold approach 100 women in malls and stuff like that are a bit daunting for me. I don't really feel The Vibe. At least not at my age.

    Younger people will probably go socialise in malls but the older you get I don't think you go to malls to socialise. You'd have a purpose like going out to buy a dress or an outfit for a night out. Bars, disco bars and places with a fun and social vibes are far better because the mood is already there and the odds are in your favour because everybody is out to have fun. I find it easier to approach women in those places than in malls and I work in one.

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    Default Re: Battle AA like an MPUA

    Thank you for your report. I disagree with the majority of what you said.

    100 approaches may seem like a lot as a newbie. I did over 100 approaches my first night in game.

    1) Is there a preference to not approach versus approach. Yes, not because of hardwiring but because your neural pathways have been developed that way from previous experience. Doing a lot of approaches will reset the neural pathways over time.
    Every night I have aa, I warm up with 25-50 opens so I get out of my head- it's flooding my system to overcome fear
    2)I don't fully understand this statement. Approach everyone. You will be known as the social friendly person if you talk to everyone
    3) Yes, you need to be an action taker. You are overthinking what your approach did if you think you are going to ruin a girl's day by talking to her. And what are you doing to have security called on you?

    After 100 approaches you've figured out game? Bro, there's a long way to go. I'd love to see your progression. You need to fix these limiting beliefs.
    The Official Tinder Playbook--> m <--Stop swiping, start hooking up

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