So this year in discourse you have to wonder if we are moving forward. Well I am at least, here's my year in discourse overview. If you are completely new to this build a foundation first by doing approaches. I have learned through Pick Up last year having game is more about what you say than being able to pull off a make out. In fact my words get me the make outs often times! So well placed calibration will make you a hero in the night.

aa, running out of things to say, what to say next are common misconceptions perceived by those starting up or even in The Game. Going further into it I approached so much this past year my Inner Game got good. I soon realized all my conversational threads were emotional pings based off the interaction "natural observations and conversation". However this will wear you thin after a time like me when you are trying to learn self-amusement. But I hit a break through like I said for taking a break I am reflecting upon what I learned to up my game for next time.

It came to my attention listening to Tyler (the World's 2nd Best Pick Up Artist behind Mystery #1 as Tyler was Mystery's student) that he says "You can talk about whatever the fark you want as long as you think you are the sh!t". It came to my attention and to expand on this "you can talk about whatever you want" common threads. Video Games, Movies, Gym, and Girls that's what I like to talk about. I can't talk about it due to no common ground with a girl. However I talk about it nonstop on FB and it's the bomb. Girls even like reading this stuff on my FB page ironically but in real life you need calibration.

Facebook, Music, and Life that's the common threads you can talk about with girls. Run your opener, qualify, compliance test, push-pull but this is all a lot of fluff as in my Inner Game I was dying to find any hardcore content. So next time you open a girl run your standard but just think if you are running out of things to say in Set....

Facebook Common Thread
"On my FB page today someone posted..." and start talking. I have been building tons of interesting conversations lately about my FB page in normal life so throwing this nice little bit will work great for me.

Music Common Thread
"What kind of music do you like?" No, no, and no. However "My favorite song is, if you have ever heard I will make out with you 10 times in a row." "This is my favorite song listen to it when you go home and think about me." Yes, yes, yes. Or "I downloaded this today from itunes what did you download today?" Basically the idea is you can build quality common threads by talking from a high value outlook rather than asking some AFC question "What kind of music do you like?" Remember these are not openers or qualifiers but common threads to build conversation as your opener will go flat eventually without shifting the convo to another topic. I have wondered forever and a day about common threads so here you go.

Life common thread
"I really like people who are humble you know because they make the world a better place." No approval seeking at all but say that to 10 girls guaranteed reactions on at least 5 if you are saying it as in non-approval seeking. Small talk such as about news, weather, politics is not for engaging targets. But saying "hey it's a sunny day you should come cool me down." would be a great texting piece but don't talk weather to seek to build a convo only for a knee jerk reaction to build a convo on a different topic. This mostly applies to gaming targets in Set as text convos look different as in "Your Life, Pick Up, Dating" are my threads for texting. Yes I talk about Pick Up via text. Kind of taboo but Pick Up has permeated our culture and I hear about girls talking about game on FB all the time even though I am not trying to pick them up. For instance use calibration and don't directly say "I'm a PUA or I banged 3 girls last week" like some douche but be like "I had fun picking you up last night, let's do it again." Perfect ping test.

In essence not trying to be a douche but I talk about Video Games, Gym, Girls, and Movies on my FB page. That's all I talk about on there. There is anomalies since video game pick up lines work in text but I don't build a convo based on it. I may start using it though as in "If you were a video game heroine I would save you first" to lighten the mood as that won't be my opener (pick up line) but will be my own joke since I could throw that into a extremely hard Set and come out winning with flying colors who knows? This is why taking time off was such a good idea if I was still going out I would have no time to reflect and still beating my head on a brick wall. So to get you up to speed that's where I am at on "say whatever you want" it's all relevent so make it relevant for yourself and personalize it. This is an inside scoop of the convo building techniques I will be using this Summer as you will see many examples of this in my Sets. So know now, this will be interesting!