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Thread: Flirt or Banter

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    redtwo Guest

    Default Flirt or Banter

    Wouldn't banter be better than flirting? IMO, at least banter gets a reaction from her; flirting can just lead you to blue balls.

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    culturedpearls Guest

    Default Re: Flirt or Banter

    Dude, engaging in banter is a way to flirt. Sure, you can flirt without banter and you can probably banter with anyone without flirting, but it's one of flirting methods that's very useful. You get information, you establish rapport, you get a person interested and you create value.

    Plus, flirtation need not result in blue balls. You can flirt with a girl using body language, conversation, romance. Unless you're doing all those things with a hard on, no blue balls for you. At most, you'd be aroused and excited and feeling good.

    And if you're doing those things right, definitely no blue balls after!

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    Nubbi Guest

    Default Re: Flirt or Banter

    On a related note, they say that the most important thing about openers is that you go into banter right away. I still kinda suck with that though. Some girls get carried away by an opened topic that flirtation goes out the window. Any tips to keep them in line, so to speak?

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    Coyote Guest

    Default Re: Flirt or Banter

    i would rather get in and engage rather than skirting around the edges giving her time to think what does he want from me, or to have a nice chat and then what? you may never see her again. I got the message in the last week from someone on here that it helps if I state my intent. I didn't know that chicks like it like that usually so i am gonna be clear on that.

    like i have a chick i am seeing wednesday and i want to see her outside of the usual so i am gonna be pretty clear that i dig her and want to see her. i don't need to give graphic details as to what i want to do with her back at mine, although she may be into that, but if i am wishy washy and don't make clear to her that i want to take her out with me because i simply want he to come out with me and have a good time with me because she is a pretty cool chick and I have enjoyed bantering OR flirting with her,,,, its simple for me as she is cool and i aint ashamed of liking babes. i would effing cry if i didn't

    just depends on your mood or style. sometimes i feel like chit chatting and other times i wanna work her. a mate wanting to sing for me came out this morning for breakfast and it was great as he was flirting and opening them all and the girls just weren't into it... so when they looked at me to back out i just smiled softly and let them see my kind eyes sort of as if i were no threat and they really smiled back at me

    maybe it comes back into push / pull too... like i don't naturally push people too much so my banter is light and cute, bright and unthreatening.... but i still gotta go for the "kill" or i never close and take the prize. i can't rely on a soft close all the time where i bludgeon her so much with a feather that she submits and moves on on to me..... seriously then statues of celebs would be PUA material or corpses cos they would just sit there and chicks would give em attention

    man, no pain no gain. i gotta work at this and like putting down the drink and drugs 10 years ago what i have got out of it is what work i have put into my new life

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