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    Default how to ask a girl out I haven't talked to in a while!!

    I met a girl a while back in a city where she was from.. The college she goes to however is right next to mine. So eventhough she had a boyfriend at that time.. She gave me her number, she broke up with that guy a while back but I haven't done anything.. Just ceaze to exist in her life,. Im just her instagram buddy.... How can i make a grand enterance and ask her out???
    How about this??

    I believe stalking you on instagram has gone long enough..lets get coffee when you get back..

    I wanna see the model behind all those cute selfies

    (Sent in several texts)

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    Default Re: how to ask a girl out I haven't talked to in a while!!

    That is a definite no with the planned texts. Since you're basically starting at ground zero, pushing for a meetup in the first couple of messages is far too soon. This is possible, but you need to build up rapport and attraction first before you do anything.

    If you want to make an effective entrance, play around with her a bit. Wait for her to post again, be observant of the details, and then send her a message incorporating the post. Say something along the lines of "Hello stranger, 'blah' 'blah' 'blah'".
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