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Thread: Alone

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    Default Re: Alone

    Quote Originally Posted by Instinct View Post
    Dude, that's reason alone I also almost never drink, and I used to use alcohol to approach, and im leaving to go to a club right now, (alone mind you)

    Well I rarely drink much at bars to...but they tend to get irritated if you don't buy anything. I guess I can work on my general social engineering if that comes up

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    HotRod Guest

    Default Re: Alone

    If I go to a bar alone, there is a great chance that I get drunk. I usually go with a buddy or with few friends. It also adds enjoyment when you have a couple of companions.

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    BadKarma Guest

    Default Re: Alone

    At the risk of sounding like a soft-cock...

    [whinyvoicen] I'm married, and work all over the clock... [whinyvoiceff]

    Still intrigued how the game could make me richer.

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    culturedpearls Guest

    Default Re: Alone

    Haha BadKarma. Use your charm to get information that will make you rich. Build a network you can tap for business opportunities. Sell something. Be an instructor. Write books or come up with your own vids. So many opportunities out there man.

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