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Thread: Disqualifying Myself - Country Bar

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    Default Disqualifying Myself - Country Bar

    The majority of bars around here are filled with young girls. Young as in 19-22 year old college girls. I am 30. (look about 28) After going through this long relationship of 6 years i am back on the bar scene, but have this paranoia of being the old creep. I stick to pubs and bars with an older demographic. If my friends drag me out to a younger bar I wont even talk to a women unless she looks 25 or older. My friends figure i think to much and that a lot of these girls just secretly want to get laid, and they are probably right. Luckily i am a perfectionist, but struggle to get the ball rolling. Bad aa

    How do i nonchalantly approach one of the many drunk, horny college girls without fearing the "omg you are old enough to be my dad" comment? (partly where the AA comes from) I'm not targeting that age, but they make up a large percentage of the bar. Why the hell not? I'm single, so the hell with it. All of my married friends could only dream of a chance like that.

    How about this plan. Take a few older girls dancing (country bar) and dance the shit out of them. (all the city college chicks cream their panties watching because none of them can country dance)

    Then go to grab a drink and look over at one of them...

    Hey I saw you earlier, you're a pretty good dancer, why can't you be like 5 years older?
    That outfit is amazing, why cant you be like 5 years older?

    I'm hoping she will say "but-but-but" a little confused and try to get me to ask her to dance.

    Then i will say "nah you young girls are trouble, Ive heard the stories" and shake my head in disgust. (grinning)

    Or if she replys with "why how old are you?" i can say "old enough to know that you're bad news" (grinning)

    Hoping that will rustle some feathers.

    FYI - If i just straight up ask her to dance, she will blow me off. Young girls thrive on that shit. Especially with friends around. Hence, why i stick to my age range.

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    Default Re: Disqualifying Myself - Country Bar

    Man, think nothing of it. Age is just a number. There are several good guides out there on how older guys can get younger girls.

    In fact, a lot of girls prefer older men because they have more to offer. The frat guys who do stupid things gets old and the moment is fleeting.

    And if a girl ever tells you the famous "Aren't you a bit old?" You keep your frame and turn it around back at her "Well, you seem mature for your age. I figure you would keep me interested for a while."

    In truth, your age range is nothing. You are 30 going after girls 10 years younger. I will be 42 this year (but look 30's. Thx to Asian genetics) and the two girls I've been working on is 23 and my current one is 26.

    My personal trainer is 43 (a former bodybuilding champion in great shape) goes for girls in their 20's.

    It doesn't matter how old you are, how ugly you are. Girls are attracted to "the perception of status" or how you perceive yourself. How you perceive yourself is your inner game. Your confidence.

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    Default Re: Disqualifying Myself - Country Bar

    This is 100% in your head.
    1) You aren't old enough to be their father
    2) they don't care
    3) if they make note of it, it's likely because you instigated the coversatikn

    There is a possibility you are going to a college bar, which would make you a little creepy since you're the odd man out, but it's not because of your age. 30 is definitely not an issue.

    Open them the way you'd open any girl. If you are good at country dancing, that's a huge benefit right there.
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