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    Default Shock and Awe Campaign

    Getting myself ready for the launch by hitting the weights, the tread, the clothing stores, the tattoo shop. Working on my openers for Spring and Summer. My next one "Cleaned Out" goes something like this. "It's time to clean this place out" (you're gonna get cleaned out pre-frame). It's a project basically about opening and sarging will know more when I step back onto the PUA's battlefield- day game and Night Game. But why does that opener kick so much butt? I mean the way I say it's gonna be like a cocky "I own the world" type of vibe. Yo DIIME I own the world it's time to clean this place out! Now may not go that heavy but may have to strike up the attention of the group. Like I said Shock and Awe. Big loud statements with powerful words like I am a man on a mission. So my vision for last year was to get good and get a GF. Now that I did that and got my animal tatt it's time to go big or go home. So going to look like a crazy a-hole prick but I don't care, going to temper it with flirtation to soften the mood ie charm. But essentially my goal this year is not to get laid or get a GF my goal is to have fun which I can only do being in my own movie so that other stuff can come after. Let's see how Shock and Awe helps my Inner Game. I promise you the women are gonna love it or hate it.

    Begins 3/15/2014

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    Default Re: Shock and Awe Campaign

    I love your attitude and motivation to go out and game. Keep us updated with field reports to see how its going

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