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Thread: Hair Compliance

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    Default Hair Compliance

    Ok, I have tried this enough times to post it.

    I find if you go up to a girl in the very opening stages and grab her hair she will freak out and back off.
    But this seems to work about 98% of the time, maybe even more. You gotta be confident guys.

    1 minute Opener (Extra Credit for using Gambler's "Should I dye my hair blond" opener)
    2-3 minutes Entertain Group

    Select Target:

    Routine: (1 minute)
    Pua: Oh my god! Here look this way (point in a direction).
    Girl: (she might say something, but she has to look, if she fights it, just cut the thread and say ok)
    Pua: (Grabs her hair, first a tiny peice, then really get in there) I really like your hair, this is nice..(no less than 5 seconds, no more than 30 seconds)

    This is as much Kino as I go into in the opening phases, now its time to entertain the group again, remember, they just saw your hands on their friend, they are going to freak out a bit. Make them happy, then restart the kino train. Entertain the group, grab her hand release, entertain the group, touch her back release, entertain the group, grab the back of her hair, release.

    The problem is, you cant stay there for 10 minutes now, its gotta be like 3-5 minutes, otherwise, she gets nervous, and her anticipation turns into nervousness. So I am like entertain the group for 30 seconds, kino for 5 seconds and repeat.

    If you use Mystery's Method, this would be A2-A3-C1 transition, and if your kino level is already high, you can jet through the beginning of comfort, which is always awkward, when you are first alone together.

    Neg when she acts odd and restart the kino train from the beginning.

    Opened (A1) (Blond hair routine)

    Entertained group. told a cool story looked confident, neg'd bad behavior (a2) (repeat this for at least 2 ioi's, the next stage compliance is a third IOI)

    Grab hair (a2-a3)

    (now you are on the clock 3-5 minutes, 5:01 is too long.)

    Accepted by group, dhv spike, neg bad behavior, confidence, get obstacle acceptance, Kino train, (upping every time back up to hair, hand back hair, hand back hair, hand back hair) (a3) (get this done 2 times on average, 3 times max)

    This has worked so well for me, that I only use it to actually get the girl now, if I am out experimenting, I don't have to use this, I know it works.
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