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Thread: Sharing a Drink

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    Instinct Guest

    Default Sharing a Drink

    This is a comfort transition, I've done it twice now, but because of the way I diet I cant try it to much, I drink mostly water, if a few of you guys would try this for me when you get a chance, and tell me how it worked, I would be very grateful.

    So I tell her that I really like "Mojitos" for example, and I say that I really want to try one to see how they are here (or whatever wording you like), and then later Im like, Hey, lets split a Mojito, I pay half you pay half. I haven't mastered the wording yet, I've only done this twice, but it worked well both times. This was going into comfort, so I already had my hands all over her lower back and all in her hair and ears and drawn penis on her hand, and all kinds of stuff, so she is already very compliant.

    This was a fun way to Isolate the target.

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    smoothcriminal Guest

    Default Re: Sharing a Drink

    Nice one bro.. I will definitely try it out one of these days.. Thanks for the post! :P


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