So what's the 'Birthday Kiss' opener I hear you say, well let me tell you.

It is a simple opener that requires almost no prep or memorisation. Although what it does require is 2-3 friends in a group, no more or less as I think results won't be as successful.

Step 1: Locate a group of girls, whatever you're looking for.

Step 2: Walk over and join join them, if they are sitting just sit straight down before saying anything if standing then just walk up to them (although I'm sure others would have more ways to work this step).

Step 3: Apologize to the group for interrupting then make eye contact with one of the girls and explain to her that it's your friend's birthday (point out one of your friends) and that it's your job as wingman to try and get him a kiss from an attractive girl.

Step 4: Watch girl leave to kiss friend, you're now left in the group free to chat to the other girls.

Okay breakdown time;

Basically this works really well as an opener because the moment you approach a group most girls raise their guards with the assumption that you're going to,
A) Hit on them
B) Are a creep
By taking the attention away from you and onto your friend the guard is lowered and you can interact with them.

This works really well if you are in a small venue where girls would notice if you were moving from group to group hitting on girls and being shut down. (Saying something like you caught my eye the moment I walked in doesn't sound so good when she's seen you tell a dozen other girls first). However, you can move from group to group comfortably with this and start controlling the room my looking like a good friend.

A strange point to notice here is that if the friend whose 'Birthday' it is doesn't hit on the girl who kisses him and the interaction is brief the girl can actually be more interested in you. (This actually happened with one of the girls who came back to me afterwards and continued flirting with each other).

I actually tried this in the field, although I was genuinely doing this and not trying to pick up anyone until I noticed it working really well. In fact the only girl this didn't work on was the one with the DJ and I think that was only because the DJ himself was her boyfriend (okay not a smart move but I'm not always a smart man!)

So feel free to use this, I'm interested in seeing if anyone else has any success with it and if anyone has any suggestions or field reports post them below as I would like to perfect this one.

The Prof