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    Default The Completed Man

    Hey guys, i have just completed and released my new book, and i wanted to give you guys some value/a taste of it, rather than just being all spammy and shitty.

    In my opinion, this is some of the most resonating and true writing i have done recently. I hope you can benefit from it. If you like what you read, you can find my full book and details on the book at:

    Masculine Intent. com in the downloads section

    I am incredibly proud with what i have to offer. I do NOT put out shit and never will, which is why this is the first in its kind. Anyway, enough of the we go.

    The Completed Man.

    I would like to state I am not a “life guru” of any sort, nor am I telling anyone how to live their lives. This is simply grounding in the energetic core of attraction between the sexes, and what I believe it is to be A Man in the purest form. I would like to make it absolutely CERTAIN that what I speak of is not to be associated with the concept of manipulation to attract. What I speak is coming from the most genuine, loving, and honest part of man, which can truly only be tapped into through relentless self reflection and inner work.

    In today’s society, we are old models, in a new world, forcefully adapting, according to societies imprints on our minds and bodies. As men and women, we are slowly being guided away from our resonating roles in life. I am speaking about the element of attraction, from masculine to feminine, and to do this, it helps to understand the root of both energies.

    Male and female energy are very different in reality. They are opposites, perfectly complimenting each other, when at their purest forms. Masculine energy, at its core, is that of nothingness, emptiness, the observer of life and emotion, always present, always feeling, always letting go. The masculine energy is strong, grounded, and with a clearly defining purpose that carries him through life with an unwavering self assurance, and awareness.

    The female energy is that of motion, emotion, love, and compassion, which at the purest form is devastatingly seductive to the masculine. The masculine has an unattached void within. The female energy compliments, and fills the masculine with love and guidance towards ones purpose.

    In today’s world, for whatever reasons, roles have begun to intertwine and shift from one to another. We see men confused, and not really understanding what it is to be a man. Instead we are paraded with social media on being a man. Masculine energy is being strangled.

    Masculine energy is very much being forced to retreat and men are becoming more feminine in nature. Today’s “alpha male” type is the insecure, muscle bound, material craving, woman degrading little boys who are prevalent in society.

    We are being forced to a point where we are told we “need” something to fulfil ourselves and become the idea of what we want to achieve in life.

    The truth is that when you try to learn from the outside or display your “Alpha masculinity” it's transparent to the women you dream of.

    That's why people continue to learn, that's why there has been no key to the PUA aspirations, there has been and never will be a technique that masters all others.

    This belief and behaviour is hazardous to the male, but also heavily affects what women resonate with, and how both sexes bring out the best of one another. Which role do you fill? The “Alpha” or the opposing “Directionless nice guy”? Unfortunately, neither is good, and neither is pure. I do not have the time to delve into both and nitpick.

    Enter the Renaissance man.

    The Renaissance man is simply a term I use to describe the evolved male. The Renaissance man offers the woman the freedom to break out of the mundane and frivolous confines of reality. He approaches with gusto, and a knowing self assurance that simply states, "I am a man. You are a woman. I want you". The Renaissance man embraces his masculine energy, and is 100 percent authentic in his intention. He does not hide his male desire, he does not fear it, he does not worry about offending the female, nor does he approach looking for a specific outcome.

    He is unapologetically himself. The Renaissance man offers the woman freedom, the masculine energy at its sexual core.

    Renaissance men are surrounded in this world by either PUA types or men aspiring to feed from the energy they create, men who are unable or unwilling to reach their core. Hiding from themselves and manipulating women; the “nice guys” of society.

    (I have to be clear when using the term “nice guy”, I am referring to the insecure friend zone type of male, who believes by putting his purpose in life to one side, by giving the female everything he can, spoiling her with gifts, jumping to her every command and constant affection, that this will sure enough guarantee entry to her swim suit area)

    This is one million percent WRONG! This is not coming from a place of love, respect and mutual recognition as a man and the respective female, but a place of self loathing, showing needy behaviour. Instead there is no respect or attraction built from the female. If a man loses his purpose to give it all to a woman, attraction, and respect will be lost, as the man does not even have it for himself. A man’s relationship to his own emotions is a direct reflection to how he relates to female energy.

    Emotion IS the female energy. Do not for one second think that you can hide who you really are from a woman. The female energy is beautifully present and intuition is at a much higher frequency in the female. Your issues, insecurities, fears etc will be blatantly obvious to her. That a good enough reason to stop hiding! She will have you pinned from the first few seconds of coming into contact with your male presence. It’s a sign of amazing strength in a man to be emotionally open and vulnerable with a woman. Yourself acceptance and honesty will spark attraction in itself. Hiding how you are feeling will be permeable and weak to a woman.


    Remember, female energy is EMOTION. In order to generate attraction, the male energy needs to be playful with emotion. The man needs to generate every possible emotion in the female, all whilst she feels secure and safe, all the while, keeping her in a state of suspense. Female energy is not necessarily attracted to the man, but is attracted to the emotional states of which the man provides and infuses while in her presence. If I could give one piece of advice in this case is, when with a woman, BE PRESENT! Women are beautifully intuitional creatures. More so than the masculine can ever be. By not being present you strangle her raw ability to take you places you have never experienced. If you are not present with a woman, in the moment, spontaneity cannot flow, and the fun, attraction, and deep connection will not be made. STOP TRYING TO BE COOL – Cool does not exist. “You” exist, and “now” exist. Be YOU, NOW!


    Be unapologetically honest about who you are and what you want in all aspects of life. Something that speaks volumes about the male energy is the ability to comfortably hold eye contact. 90 percent of men CANNOT deal with eye contact as it represents an inner openness and confidence that is not present. The more you grow inside, the more you will be able to connect with the female. Let the female energy engulf you!

    The renaissance mans approach leaves the female energy refreshed and energetically dominated in a natural and polarising way, which is essential. The competitive other males watch, as he systematically goes against every rule in their” how to attract a female” booklet that they supposedly believe in. They watch as the Renaissance man straps the woman into an emotional rollercoaster of fun and excitement. It perplexes them. This level of sensory awareness of self and emotion allows the Renaissance man to discover places in a woman that are emotionally inaccessible by other men.

    Thus the entire surface level male see's is “attraction”; he does not understand what is unfolding before his eyes.

    He is incapable of comprehending the level of self worth, inner value, comfort and acceptance this man has achieved.

    Contrary to popular belief in this “sexist” world where females are running 90 percent of men, they DO NOT want this job. Women want to be women, and they want men to be men. In my very provocative opinion, highly sexist women/women’s rights warriors are, at their core, angry and resentful that they cannot experience a man strong enough to lead them, dominate, and naturally take on the role.

    I understand the mayhem this statement would/will cause in a lot of women’s groups, but I believe this to be very true at an energetically fundamental level.

    Women in today’s society WILL test men on a daily, hourly, second by second bases, to see if you are a real man. This can involve “harsh criticisms”, and objective comments attempting to throw the man off balance and play with his ego. If the man fails, it IS downhill from that point. Men, LEAD!!! In no way do I neither mean this in a misogynistic fashion, nor am I placing men above women, I am simply stating fact, that men and women both hold different roles in nature.

    Know your role, and do not leave anyone else convince you otherwise.

    The definition of insanity is doing the same thing again and again, and expecting different results! GET OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE! NOW!

    Give women the opportunity to experience an emotional roller coaster of shock to laughter to a little fear, to suspense, and all in a matter of seconds. On the outside, society may perceive the Renaissance man as uninhibited, but when at the very core, he knows with every ounce of his being exactly what is needed, in any moment, to induce attraction in women. We must make her feel unsafe, and secure all at once. She must be angry and aroused simultaneously, with our tonality, body language, and our deep lust. This is not done through words or “social interaction”, but on a completely subconscious level. People can observe the Renaissance man engaging in a simple everyday conversation, but on a deeper level, only he and she can truly feel it. This is once again, where the Renaissance man differs from the “Common” males. When sexual energy, or sexual connection is felt, the Common male, will get uneasy and disperse it by moving and jumping from the moment. This will not allow the female energy to engage. She will be disappointed, and the attraction will instantly dissolve. Sexual energy is the Renaissance mans playground. He generates within himself, initiates it in her by creating states between him and women, holds it, and allows it to build in the moment, thereby giving the female full permission to be in the moment and explore it.

    Most women in this day and age will start to get overwhelmed with it and attempt to disperse it with nervous, self conscious gestures etc. This is where he keeps her in the moment. Reassures and they both explore further.

    The Renaissance man does one simple, yet PROFOUND thing that is unknown to the common man; He projects the female more beautifully than she can see herself. This comes from a deep love of the feminine energy. He embraces it. He loves it. He wants it. He goes and gets it.

    We Anchor the feeling of excitement and spontaneity. We give in to our urges aggressively, and the female clings to this passion that is inside all of them. At the opposite side, the devolved male projects his insecure, unsafe care. Women do not need care! They need to be expressed through the male energy, and with that comes the greatest safety of all, sexual immunity to threat.

    You stop being concerned by the competition. You realise that you are at the forefront of the development of the human species by raising your social sexual awareness and allowing this to create your world.

    You become detached from weakness and your sabotaging thoughts but you must never forget to listen.

    LISTEN! LISTEN! LISTEN! LISTEN! – But do not take on board. She does not attract to us, but rather the moments we conceive through her, and place on her. Men live in logic, women live through emotion, and it is very foolish of a man to try to break it down to understand her. Do not quiz her, but leave her feel her emotions safely with you. Be there as an extra medium of expression for the female energy.

    She wants a new frame of reality, only offered by the internally evolved and aware man. Be that man. Be you!

    ____________________ ____________________ ____________________ ________

    THE POWER OF FOCUS – Practical advice.

    Men, what do you want? What do you want from women? Exactly? Do you know?

    When you see a woman you are attracted to, what are you thinking? That they might not like you? That you cannot possibly walk up to her and let her know what you are thinking in a straightforward and honest manner? What are you afraid of? Rejection? Is your jumper dirty? Do you smell? Are you shy? Why?

    All these questions and fears/worries all stem from ONE problem; inability to FOCUS.

    You are not focused on the woman and what it is exactly that you want, but instead, on yourself. You are being selfish and very egotistical. You are attempting to think for the woman. That’s quite arrogant of you isn’t it? You think you are that good? You think that you can understand a species of animal that can go clothes shopping for 6 hours of a Saturday and buy NOTHING!? Come on. Stop!

    When you see a woman you are instantly attracted to, ask yourself, what is it exactly about this woman that is attracting me?

    Is it her beautifully long feminine legs?

    Is it her breasts?

    Her curves?

    Her smile?


    The way she carries herself?


    When you figure that out, FEEL IT! Also, what do you want from her?

    A relationship?

    A friendship?

    Just sex?

    Once you know, FOCUS ONLY ON THIS. You don’t need to worry about being direct; you don’t need to worry about being indirect.

    Forget her presence for just a moment, visualise that dream in your mind, her sexy body in your bed after sex, it’s 3 months from now, she’s one of your girls you see, your making coffee as she wakes up after an amazing night together, she comes to the kitchen and smiles at you, her hair is messy and she looks gorgeous, you smile and say good morning.


    Now come back.

    Breathe, relax, drop your tone, slip into the sexual masculinity that resides within you, control your actions, consciously lower your heart rate, glance at her and stop your thoughts, your meditation is now.

    This will be your meditative state.

    Make a game of it: Don’t let it become a game.

    The more you do this the more your Mindset will begin to shift and you truly begin focusing on your dreams, not what you are afraid to want.

    Women want to be desired.

    There exists a multi-billion dollar make-up industry that proves the point. Stop trying to understand women so deeply right now and FEEL them and their responses, this is critical at the learning stage, use your intuition, centred self awareness will guide you to the right version of what happened in your mind, there will be no sabotaging thoughts.

    Begin to focus on what YOU dream of. Be your own man. If they don’t like what you have to say, or they do not share the same desires as you then so be it.

    When you are present with women, there is no such thing as rejection, just someone who does not happen to want what you want.

    Do not mistake this for a numbers game.

    Numbers are for objects.


    Find the book at Masculine Intent. com in the downloads section
    TRANSFORMATIONAL COACHING visit http://www.masculineintent. com

    YouTube Channel:


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    Default Re: The Completed Man

    Women want to be desired.

    Dont give women what they want.

    Great post!

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