Mission is a go, just wanted to remind you guys to get out there this St. Paddy's Day Parade (big city preferably) and get at those girls. This is why I don't date people I work with. They just look at me like WTF O_o but I don't care. Here's the layout.

Guy talk
Meeting up with my wing for lunch early next month to go over our plans and goal setting. This is mainly for accountability and so forth. I recruited my wing from work at the office and he got a job on a oil rig to suit our sarging schedule for this Summer mainly. So I know this guy is dedicated and will stick with it till he gets it. He is pretty good looking and he's buff which is all that matters and I recommended he get some shirts from my favorite outlet for the Clubs to up his style. He is very receptive to that which is awesome. I love having great students. For our lunch meeting I'll probably break the news I am a PUA so he knows where I am coming from. It will be funny sitting there at a restaurant for an hour talking about "HB's, Sets, warming up, N -closes, openers". Will make me seem like a raw player to the bystanders but I don't care what people think cuz it will be high value. Buying me and my wing tickets for the Club this St. Paddy's Day Parade.

St. Paddy's Summer Warm up

This will be my only warm up till Summer, when I go full swing. Funny cuz dude on Instagram thinks my Pick Up Philosophy "Daygame in the Summer" is a marvelous idea and loves it so bad made a post about approach machines, a term I made up. So here's what to expect

Goals (St Paddy's Day Parade)
20 day game approaches
10 Night Game approaches

My wing (my hopes for him)
5 Day Game approaches
5 Night Game approaches

Getting a hotel for us so we don't drink and drive. Also we will come up with a plan if a pull happens or SNL as we will need to go for it. This is why I went with "sarge" as you are about to see why. This is just a small taste as Summer will be approach overload. Look for my FR as it should be stellar granted I get to run some game on some 9's and 10's, my speciality. I will have tons of wisdom to share after this Summer, 30#'s last year and many more this year but who cares? I care about improving my game, that and that only. I already got a GF and a date so now onto the next level of getting laid and getting to my best self.