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    royalflash Guest

    Default Successful Opener- Thanks to my camera

    After Christmas, I went to an electronic store to buy a caner for myself. After I bought it, I walked around the commercial arcade to take some pictures, and also to test my camera. As I walked along the hallway, I saw a girl eating in a cafe alone. She seemed to be upset. But I don't mind, who knows, I might get her number. So I went inside and went near her. I was holding my camera then, ready to take a picture. I said "Hi, can I take a pic of you? You would be perfect for my album" She just smiled and continued eating. I took about 3 pics of her. I sat beside her to let her see the outcome. She smiled and she definitely loved it. I then introduced my name. " Hey, whats your email add so I can send you the files of your pics. She took a piece of table napkin and wrote down her name. And her phone number. Before she left the table, she said "Thanks for the pics Jake. They're cool. I would love to post it on my myspace profile. Talk to you soon." Then she left. I said to myself "Whoooaaa! Success!" and I kissed my camera!

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    Default Re: Successful Opener- Thanks to my camera

    Nothing like a camera kiss close. Haha! Nice work.

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    ragr Guest

    Default Re: Successful Opener- Thanks to my camera

    camera kiss close rofl!..the problem is that it didn't intrododuce you as a potential date.

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    culturedpearls Guest

    Default Re: Successful Opener- Thanks to my camera

    Haha. This reminds me of a friend who sometimes asks girls if they're willing to pose nude for art's sake. He'd embellish about knowing people making this gallery of nude women of all shapes and sizes, etc. but girls almost usually say NO. And then one day, he meets this girl who said yes and was even excited about it. Haha. We all had to help with his f*ckery and it was crazy but still, he got the girl!

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    Nubbi Guest

    Default Re: Successful Opener- Thanks to my camera

    Oh. I'm into photography and into this Project 365 thing. My friends and I, when we see some girl we find hot, approach with cameras and explain the idea, and that we've decided to make it harder for us by limiting our theme to "interesting faces" and could she pose, or smile, or look away, etc.

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    TopGuy Guest

    Default Re: Successful Opener- Thanks to my camera

    Good job my friend. I was wondering, did you already invited her to go out with you? As a potential date?

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    smoothcriminal Guest

    Default Re: Successful Opener- Thanks to my camera

    Those kinds of openers usually work when doing a day game. Congrats for a job well done!

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    Pinai Guest

    Default Re: Successful Opener- Thanks to my camera

    As a self-confessed crazy, I mean, go-getter... I've sometimes appealed to a guy who's into photography (well only once or twice actually) to teach me how to use my DSLR. Of course we know that sexual things can happen but anyway, we start every meeting with photography instruction. I mean, it's not our fault that we have to do the teaching and learning on his bed, right? And it's certainly not my fault that he'd have to hover or wrap his arms around me to show me how to quickly change settings and what-not. And it's certainly not my fault that a woman is always such an interesting subject... hahaha....

    but before this turns out to be an FR of sorts... I would like to suggest that those guys who do know their way around cameras can maybe offer to help chicks who just bought a new model to navigate the many offerings of their new cam. Heck, some usually just point and shoot despite the many features a cam has, and few even know that it's common for new models to be set on timer and get 10 shots or so. I swear, you'll appear cool! And lots of Kino, remember?

    (i guess same basic strategy in guys offering to set up new PCs or gadgets for girls, hehe)

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    culturedpearls Guest

    Default Re: Successful Opener- Thanks to my camera

    You can get cheap lomo cams as well because the pictures you take are real interesting instantly in all its imperfection and overexposure. Plus, they're a conversation starter because they're chunky, or made of plastic or just plain toy-looking.

    Just make sure you know where to send the pictures to.

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    Typhoon Guest

    Default Re: Successful Opener- Thanks to my camera

    Drat... this is making me rethink my passion for anything dinosaurs. Haha. I'll see what I can do with my Pentax (but it's a waterproof cam and i'd have to wait first for spring to even get girls posing for me underwater)


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