What's interesting about this whole thing is that we are on our own journey. Some guys want to get better, get laid, get a GF, or get married (me). But however like many on here might tell you marriage may not possibly be the ultimate goal since that is an outcome and without proper application a marriage will dissolve into fragments of chaos since no self-improvement was evident. This may be why some marriages fail since guys are focused on the goal and completely blind to the implications. Without self-improvement a marriage cannot be maintained. Granted both sides play a part better not to be your fault. Many go through life solely focused on the end game of marriage and never stop to smell the roses so they get married and are completely blindsided to the expectations placed upon them therefore may lose control and this explains why they let themselves go. I was culprit of this and used to think of marriage as a fix-all type scenario. My "dream" as it were. However my dream now is simply self-improvement.

The Quest
Simply put to find a super rare hottie and tie the knot

The Objectives
To put them on airs so to speak

The mainline quest
To get laid, up your value, and have optimal buyer mentality to pick and choose your delight

Summary: Self-Improvement the "new quest"
I challenge you to make this your key area of focus. The reason being is there is no guarantee you will live to see your wedding day so live your life fast and hard. The new end game for me is self-improvement and this energy consumes my entire being. But yes before the desire to find a wife was paramount. Now that I've changed Oneitis is largely less a factor in my life and marriage is a far off horizon I hold no anticipation for. Sure many guys end goal is to get laid but this would be foolhardy to me since getting laid holds little value to me since many times I turn down the lay. Going to be trying this year though. So on this quest I go. On this fight I know. Into this dream I show. I used to write poems, love letters, and the like now I just ignore my emotions and go out to have a good time. My self-improvement quest will take me 5 years to complete so not getting married before that. After that who knows? In the end many gurus solely focus on the lay but I focus on the journey and my game getting better is the ultimate goal. So keep this in mind since this year is my big year of coming out as last year as I was just learning, but now? Big stuff is in the works as you will see in my Summer FR's. I question it why but now I know it is cuz I need to go out and go nuts. Now that I enter into this greater awareness I no longer walk around depressed and desperate trying to win every girl at my work, online, or other older avenues I used to rely on during my AFC days. Now I know how to get a GF my own kinda way. It starts with the sarge, going with the long term dating method gets me into LTR territory to get the lay. Hey it works so I believe in it.

In fact it works so well I no longer run around work trying to game those chicks, in fact I ignore them. My Summer Sarging is so effective I don't even need to go out any other time during the year I just focus on my goals, dreams, and hobbies. It's crazy I have this high value mentality feeling complete without having to try to hit up every girl like I used to and thinking it was the end of the world if it went south. I have that high value and my co-workers know it. But granted last year I had to go out 6 months strait from Winter>Summer to really get it. I was just so addicted till it finally dawned on me.

Now my Summer sarging plan is so unique people wanted in on it so I am bringing in my wing and who knows what will come next. My whole focus centers on this Summer sarging understanding that I have a sense of peace if you will. Instead of being some lowlife who just sits in his nerd cave all day I know the time and I know the places as I have already scouted them out. This is why I say life is about to hand me a whole handful of awesome. But that's just the start man it feels good to just hibernate in the Winter like makes me feel so cool. But then when I hit it going to hit it hard it will make up any lost time. This is why I think the gurus saying gaming 7 days a week is bunk. I game Summer only and even then maybe once or twice a month on weekends but the avenues I choose are like cesspools of HB's so I am totally on the brink.

The End Game
Will be when I get my stuff in order and in 5 years I will up my game to the final hour and pull out the trump card. For now though it's time to learn, practice, and master Pick Up so I am prepared to push myself. Lastly this is an art form so I take it to the extreme this is why I get a little bummed out sometimes but in the end I will be the change I want to see. I just don't think getting the lay is the best thing I think the PUA himself is it. This is why I will always look highly to the guys that got game and not really care if you get some choppy f-close. I go for the thrills.