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Thread: dance game debunked - meteora

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    Arrow dance game debunked - meteora

    for those of you who didn't know already, I love dancing. it is fun and allows me to vent my high energy. many guys are afraid of the dance floor or even say the dance floor is a trap. I'm here to tell you, that you can pull girls off the dance floor and start a conversation. it just takes skill.

    dance game only requires a few main factors to make you great.

    1. high energy

    2. high confidence

    3. no fear

    4. good shoes

    you will understand why I added that last one when I talk about it later lol

    energy is the number one most important element of dance game. some people are more energetic than others. this is where fitness comes to play, I know not every guy is a marathon runner, but if you can't dance for more than one song either you're getting super crazy or you need to get in shape.

    energy is contagious, this is the thing to remember when you are out on the dance floor. dancing girls are all looking to raise their energy to the next level. its your job to not only have more energy than them, but to transfer some of that energy to them in the form of playfulness.

    note: a good way to increase you're energy over everyone else's is to get hyper instead of getting drunk. caffeine should do the trick.

    this is the element you can control the most. you display your level of confidence before you even hit the dance floor. if you feel uneasy about busting moves in front of a lot of people, then you need to get up there and dance like a fool until you are comfortable dancing with strangers in front of strangers.

    when I make my move for the dance floor it is powerful. I do a power walk strait from my table to the first girl I'm going to dance with. I walk to the beat of the music to get a feel for the tempo that I'm about to dance to.

    when I get on the dance floor all I think about is having fun, if you go up just to dance with one girl you noticed, then you're going to fail. I go up to dance with every girl that even comes near the dance floor.

    I take up space and dance vigorously, if I want to dance with a girl, I don't ask her to dance, I grab her hand and drag her onto the dance floor. if she's already on the dance floor, I move in and just start dancing with her, if she doesn't want to dance with me she'll run off with her friends. I don't let it bother me if the girl I'm dancing with doesn't want to dance with me, instead I just turn and face another girl.

    oh, and if I want to talk to a girl who's been dancing with me, I grab her hand and lead her back to my table. (preferably right after a song ends)

    no fear

    so many guys are terrified of making a fool out of themselves or leaving a bad impression. don't be one of those guys.

    women can sniff fear from a mile away. if your afraid, then you won't have fun and thus you will collapse your energy level.

    by being afraid to fail, you will fail.

    good shoes

    I have a very good reason for adding this one to the list.

    when I was in new York, I had a crappy pair of dress shoes (they were Dockers that I had had for a while) right before I went out, I noticed the bottom was starting to peel off of my right shoe. I didn't have time to get new shoes, so I just said fark it and went out with them.

    by the time I had walked around the club a little, the bottom was barely on that shoe. a girl asked me to dance and I couldn't refuse.

    while I was dancing the bottom came off of my shoe, but I managed to keep dancing. I ended up tying it back on by wrapping my shoe laces around the shoe, but it inhibited my dance game severely.

    now I usually were tennis shoes if the club will allow (because lets face it tennis shoes are way more comfy to dance in) but I also have a pair of Rockport shoes that are a lot like tennis shoes, but will pass off as dress shoes (there a cross of the two) they work well for me.

    always remember that dancing is all about creating a fun vibe, the more fun your having, the more fun the girls around you will be having. I like to use the phrase "be a fun maker not a fun taker" dancing really isn't that hard if you are just willing to get out there and bust some moves.

    have fun dancing next time you go out


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    Default Re: dance game debunked - meteora

    Yesssssss exactly so many people are worried about looking cool when they dance. I'm sure I usually look like a fool when I dance, but I have fun, and dance energetically. Girls come up to me all the time to join in, even some say will joke about my dancing or say I'm a bad dancer, which is when you know you have a girl hooked.

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    Default Re: dance game debunked - meteora

    Great post. One of my wings is a salsa dance champion and is all about dance floor game. His moves are impressive and he's talk me a lot of the possibilities that you can get away with on the dance floor that you can't otherwise get away with.
    The Official Tinder Playbook--> m <--Stop swiping, start hooking up

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    Default Re: dance game debunked - meteora

    Dancing is awesome, even if you think you suck or are too shy for it... Take a couple dance classes and you'll be in the top 20% at any club because no guys do that.

    For that matter, take a couple dance classes because the hot girls will always outnumber the guys significantly in the class.

    I've never pulled girls faster in any other type of game. Dance floors are a magic.

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