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    Hylot Guest

    Default My Year And a Half Reflection On Being In The Game.

    Man, I don't even know where to begin to be honest there's so much sh1t to write about. More sarge-a-thons, ex girlfriends business partners and friends, Casanova Crew expanding to the east coast. I think I'll figure it out, LOL! Get some poppycorn as Ripper calls it and take a few...this is gonna take a while.

    It's been a farkin' journey I do know this, I came back to the crew in June 08' when I moved in with then the OC's Lair leader King Kong. I was hungry for that change and wanted it bad, so what better then to move in with someone who is from Casanova Crew and runs the lair, right? He's the reason I'm always down to go out at least 5 nights a week when I have the time; every day he'd wake me up and be like, "Hydro, we're going to do some day game...get up." No asking, just telling. LOL! farker. Then at night we'd all head out to Downtown Fullerton (DTF) to game up the bars. I remember just standing in one place with my boy Basic waving and that's it. As a girl would walk by I'd just smile and wave 'cause I didn't have much to say and was a bit shy.

    Then I started getting high-fives from them after a while and eventually moved up to high-fives and a twirl, I even remember that butterfly feeling I would get in my stomach while I was standing there doing all that, but at the same time loving the fact that I'm actually out and learning how to hit on chicks. Everybody in the 'Crew was humble and down to just better themselves and everybody around them, it was an awesome thing to be apart of.

    One thing I didn't like about the OC crew back then was that they were really clique-ish. I thought, well, this is a scene where we're suppose to be down to help other people so why aren't outsiders allowed in? If I want to bring a friend to the meeting what's the problem? I didn't understand it at first because I had some really dope friends and I wanted to bring them along for the ride. After being around for a few months and seeing how my game just shot through the roof just hanging out with CC, I saw why they didn't let just anybody in. They were picky with who they let in because they actually wanted people that they could hang with and that were down for the long run, not some guy who just wants to come and go like 90% of the people that find this scene.

    The day I understood it all I was at the In-N-Out drive thru with Anoruka, the craziest dude in CC at the time, this guy had no aa whatsoever; he'd roll up to the group and say, "Who's opening that set?" If we froze and or didn't answer quick enough he'd roll his eyes and be in that set within seconds, LOL! Dude was fearless. Our meetings back then were on Wednesdays and afterwards we'd all pile up in each others cars and go to In Cahoots in Fullerton for country night. I've never seen a ratio so nice like this. I took a regular friend with me one night and as we were sitting there he said, "Yo, Hydro, I count thirteen girls around us...I like that ratio." I took a look around the smoking patio and it was mainly filled with chicks that were all dressed up in cowgirl attire and lookin' fine as hell. At this time I still didn't have an actual routine, routine down but I read Mehow's Get the Girl Manual again just to beat some material into my head so I had some structure in my game. The structure got me laid, LOL, so thank you Mehow.

    J The Ripper (JTR) was already having $15 seminars with all the top "Guru's" coming to speak for people on the board because he was tired of watching companies out there charging hundreds of dollars and then telling them they need boot camps while there. While he was throwing those I thought, "Hmmmmmmmmmm why can't we have speakers at our regular lair meetings?" We'll just get some dude that isn't a guru but has a good reputation for getting the ladies and have him speak, so I asked JTR and King Kong if they thought that would be alright and they both liked it so BAM! It was a done deal. The speaker canceled due to having work issues but we still had the lair meeting and we ended up with 17 heads in a house that night from all over Orange County. That night the "Open Lair" was a success and now we have them regularly to see who's who in the Pickup scene. I didn't like having some dude walk up to me or my friends while we were out at a bar saying, "Hey, are you into Pickup?" I'd rather walk in see someone I recognize and be like, "Hey, help me wing this set over here, yeah?"

    A few weeks later I'm on Mehow's forum posting up my Field Report's about my adventures in DTF and at that time King Kong and I talked about keeping the name of the bars and clubs out of our FR's so guys on the boards wouldn't sarge out our spots. I sign back into Mehow's forum since it said someone responded to my post and it was this dude named, Zar. Even though I left out the name of the bar he knew exactly which venue I was talking about, and it was Slidebar in Fullerton. We exchange a few PM's and swap info to meet up and chill. He invited me out to his birthday party at a club but I went out with CC that night instead; it took about three weeks before we actually met up in DTF to see what was up.

    That night King Kong was meeting up with some dude from that other lair and I was meeting up with, Zar. I walk in the bar and met dude. Clean cut, had style and had rings with a leather cuff on his arm, just enough to peacock. We chop it up for a few to see where each others game is at and when we were done he said, "You wanna start opening?" I looked at him and said, "Which one?" He looks at a seated set just to the left of me and it was on. We ran that set soooooooo farking smooth it wasn't even funny. That night I was hitting on this girl that wanted a Rockstar Boyfriend, LOL!, girls are funny. Zar and I ran a few sets together that went really well, every time he spoke and I cut him off to say something...he'd add to it. That night I found a good addition to CC. I would call him to see if he wanted to head out and wing, of course he was down and he'd bring regular friends with him, but they just stood around and watched in spectator mode most of the time.

    After a week or two of asking him to come and chill I stopped calling to see if he was hooked...that night the farker calls up, "What are we doing tonight?" GOTCHA farkER, lol. I don't even think I knew dude a month and that's when we started to go out every night for a week. We had Tuesdays through Saturdays on lock for venues to go and sarge, it was Sundays and Mondays that were tough. Finally I just started asking security guards at the spots we were frequenting a lot and then we finally had Sunday and Monday venues. Originally we were only suppose to head out for five days but then we said fark it and went for a week and while we were chilling with CC everybody kept telling us to keep it going, so a week turned into two...then three...and before you know it we're standing in the middle of Chronic Cantina in Costa Mesa eleven days before our sixty day mark was up. Zar was about to call it quits. We originally were suppose to do a month and then end it but we kept it going since being at home almost felt awkward to us.

    Status66 was back that night from vacation or something and he watched us shake on it that we were both going to finish up the sixty days since it landed on a Saturday and we were going to celebrate it at our favorite pickup spot, Slidebar. BOOYA! In that sixty days we practiced EVERYTHING we could to understand gaming...from winging like Mystery and Style to bouncing girls off the streets to the bars we were going and even taking our dates with us while we were out at the bars. They say that's a no no but we had that sh1t DOWN, SON!!! I'll take my date anywhere now.

    After the sixty plus day Sarge-A-Thon we were chillin' at our favorite bar just KILLING it, I'm talking to this group of people and I was going to merge them with this other group behind me and after I opened my mouth this little blonde starts walking towards me. NAE!!! Don't dig on blondes that much, so I quickly looked around her group and spotted this cutie of an Asian chick. She looked mixed for sure, half Asian and something else. Out of nowhere my wing, Zar, comes in and it's on. We busted out perfect winging on her. He came in asking who the trouble maker was, I point out the Asian girl known as Ms. Cheeks in my FR's and he quickly starts occupying her to DHV me while I talk to her friends to let them know I'm not a weirdo so when I isolate with her they won't bother us. Zar comes back a few minutes later after talking me up to my target and says, "She's actually alright, you should give her a chance." I'm in. I do a mini isolation and start qualifying her, right as I'm about to see what was up with her for the rest of the night we bounce to another bar...DAMMIT! We get back to Slidebar and I see her again, she's surrounded by dudes so I open a few chicks to keep myself occupied and then I see that she's free so I go in for the kill and get her number.

    She mentioned that she likes country music and since Zar and I go to In Cahoots all the time I knew a little about that scene so I told her that I'm going to call her so we can do some line dancing next week. That next week I was writing up a FR and didn't hear my phone go off...I got a text from Ms. Cheeks and missed it. It's two in the morning so if she was out I knew she'd more than likely be up so I text her. She's up, but she was in bed just about to pass out. That night we set up to meet that Thursday in Fullerton again. My first date with her, OOOOOOOOOOOO!!! We get to the bar and her friends had ADD so it was hard to isolate her w/out them buggin'. I decide to bounce with my chick to another bar to get some one on one time so I can spit some more game.

    This night I got my first 3-way makeout. HOLLA! My chicks ride is about to leave and she tells her she's staying. WTF?! The night's coming to an and we're all standing in front of Slidebar...King Kong looks at me and says, "PULL!" I look at him and say, "Really?" Sometimes I'm so caught up in my head I space sh1t like that. I end up pulling her home that night and fooling around. She was everything I was looking for, Asian, thick thighs, cute as f*ck face and gave head...what more could you want? I ended up dating her for almost a year. Jeezus. Seven months as my girlfriend and then the other four or five just arguing over ANYTHING. Where I farked up on this one though was when I first started seeing her, I was taking a tiny break away from Pickup and wanted to just chill with one chick, knowing I was going back to hit the field hard again. When you get into a relationship you need to give it your all and I didn't, I wanted to master the game more and more rather than be with a chick that was really into me. My actions were d1ck so that made her lose trust in me since I was always out with my boys. I'll get more into this later...

    The new year came and I'm BROKE as fark, I ran out of my savings and I was couch surfing. I finally said fark it and moved home so I could have a place for me and my chick to have some privacy. The whole month of January you could find me at Shark Club in Costa Mesa with Ms. Cheeks; I already had bar game down so it was time to step up to club game. I didn't really approach, I was usually with my chick. February rolled around and it was my birthday, we were going to celebrate it on home turf which was Slidebar but they had a promoter there that night and were charging ten bucks a head and I wasn't having PUA's pay to party. The party got moved to Shark Club where I knew the promoter who would later become my boss, LOL! The night of my birthday I had seventy plus heads show up for me that night and over thirty of them were PUA's from all over, San Diego, Los Angeles, Inland Empire.

    A lot more different than my previous birthday; I was at a hookah bar alone since I got stood up by a chick I use to know when I lived in San Diego. Woot! Getting stood up on your birthday...if that's not a reality check I don't know what is. My chicks friends couldn't get in, so I walked outside to get her friends in and the promoters stopped to talk with me and said, "Yo, Hydro, you've had a lot of people come for you tonight." I was already buzzin' really good and said, "Is that bad?" They laugh and said, " should work for us." I started sub-promoting for the hottest venues in OC. A few months later JTR wanted to start a Pickup Company of the best PUA's in CC which at the time were...himself, Blue, myself, Grandma, Zar and Whisper. So the beginning of the new year was looking good. I had the promoting thing and this company with the heads we had were going to MURDER it. By the time summer hit Zar and I had already spoke in San Diego for the lair down there which was dope and got them talking about starting a CC chapter down there.

    We spoke for Vince Kelvin when he had his week long coaching session where all the top coaches came and talked. Cats were flying in from all around the country for it. At the end of summer we were asked to be apart of the "New Blood Panel" at the PUA-Summit which was crazy, 'cause I've only talked in front of forty-five guys max and now there's over a hundred there. sh1t was crazy. While we were there Casanova Crew got the lair of the year award and we got to see all the top coaches giving out their latest techniques. For the new blood panel we had to give out one kiss closing technique which was pretty easy, I even had AFC Adam asking me for my name to give me credit when he teaches his students my technique, LOL! Can't beat that, eh? 2009 was crazy so far.

    After killing the summer picking up and promoting I ended up couch surfing AGAIN! Jeezus. This is when I started doing some of my most fun pulls...I was doing a two week Sarge-A-Thon. While my friends were at work, I was calling hunnies to come over and watch movies, LOL! I figured out that "dinner and a movie" can be done but you have to have a twist to it. Dinner is ordered from the local pizza place while the movie is a DVD that your friend has in his crib..or for you folk with's the DVD that you have in YOUR own home.

    This past year I doubled the amount of chicks I've slept with in my life...made some dope friends...lost some as well...I took over the lair here in Orange County and helped start CC in San Diego and Boston. When I look back to when I first started sometimes I think to myself that I should just get out with what I know, but there's just so much more to learn and I want to make sure all my insecurities are out and done when I don't need the "community" anymore. I finally broke it off with Ms. Cheeks and even though physically I was the most attracted to her I couldn't deal with how she was inside her head. My second Korean I've ever dated and the second time I've thought that Korean women were crazy.

    I think I've written enough...


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    Default Re: My Year And a Half Reflection On Being In The Game.

    I scrolled down your post and my initial thought was forget that. But then i remembered reading your FRs before and decided to grab my poppycorn... glad you are enjoying life and congrats on all your success. I need someone like your mentor to force me into the scene and get me rolling like that.

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    Default Re: My Year And a Half Reflection On Being In The Game.

    Hydro - good post. REP ++

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    Brad Jackson Guest

    Default Re: My Year And a Half Reflection On Being In The Game.

    Agreed Hydro...well thought out.

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    BadKarma Guest

    Default Re: My Year And a Half Reflection On Being In The Game.

    It's great to see the development one can make in the field with commitment, particularly if you don't have much else holding you back. I guess how one views one's ties is probably important. I have a fetish for suits, cool clothes and old-school cocktails, but can't always engage them due to also being responsible for a household.

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    Nubbi Guest

    Default Re: My Year And a Half Reflection On Being In The Game.

    Arrgh Hydro. Reading about your year can't help but intimidate. Just goes to show how much farther I've to go. But am glad for you bro. You deserve to reap the rewards of all your hard work. And man, do I wish for a similar mentor!!!

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    Instinct Guest

    Default Re: My Year And a Half Reflection On Being In The Game.

    Very nice! Reps.

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    Hylot Guest

    Default Re: My Year And a Half Reflection On Being In The Game.


    Good lookin' on all the responses, fellas. I'm really looking forward to making more stuff happen this year.

    King Kong wasn't a mentor, just a kid who was hungry during summer break that's what made it dope. Having a wing/roommate that is hungry to get better with women is always a plus. I suggest moving in with another pua is you can while you're in the scene, your game will get crazy sick if you push one another and don't let them get away with slacking.

    See you guys around...

    Anybody making it to the SNL Seminar here in LA this weekend?

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    TopGuy Guest

    Default Re: My Year And a Half Reflection On Being In The Game.

    It's nice to know how one is made to developed hi skills and reach his ultimate goal. I'm happy for your bro. I need someone to look up to in order for me to get that drive to keep going on my game.

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    alexabrahim Guest

    Default Re: My Year And a Half Reflection On Being In The Game.

    nice post................

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