I have picked up on some patterns on FB as of late and as I originally thought since it doesn't work to throw in the towel on Picking Up in stores and on FB or online for that matter. Here is a few simple guidelines to follow.

Granted a lot of this stemmed from some of my recent rejections on POF, FB, and in stores but like you guys said I should just keep trying, well I did with zero results. Here is my analysis (still the same mindset of sarging only).

FB & Stores
Hired Guns in the store (ie Buckle I used a lot) have constantly flirted with me and I just got blown out on the 4th one in 3 years (they are very hard to come by). All these interactions played out almost exactly the same. The chicks love me off the bat and it goes south quickly after that. Like for instance I kept getting rejected in the Buckle so I tried the FB close which worked however as soon as she got done creeping my profile for half a day she blocked me. That was twice now she rejected me though she flirts every time I am in there so I figure she is not the least bit interested (though I will still go to my store regardless). For this reason very hot women have put up the Wall of China in terms of getting their number on FB or in stores.But yet I go to the Bar and can get 4 numbers in 30 minutes and I gamed that broad in the Buckle forever and she turned me down hard when I went for the close. The factors are when they are out (Not in stores or on FB) they are more receptive to my approaches as this is why my final conclusion (not forever conclusion) is to say no to them. The next time a girl the store flirts with me or a hot chick adds me on FB I'll just ignore them entirely. Just the other night a HB6 was hitting on us relentlessly, blocking the sun for me, begging me to come back. And all I did was write down Tyler's "Call Me" rejection line however I did it to reject her since I didn't leave my number as I am a high value guy and some waitress flirting with me now has less impact. I see this behavioral pattern evolving into something greater so more on that when it develops.

The Way Women Are
This is the way they are so just accept it. I used to wonder why when I built all this attraction as in K-closes, N-closes, Timebridges, and Kino Escalation in A1-A3 why in C1 they would never respond to my texts after a night of pure awestruck and intense wonder or chemistry. The factors are until you transition to C1-C3 there is no attraction successfully built. This means until you get a Day 2 essentially "last night" unless it was a lay is going to count for nothing tomorrow. Even lays can give them buyer's remorse but I am not focusing primarily on that right now. So everything you do even if it is a slamming night with making out with tons of chicks, getting tons of phone numbers, and getting tons of validation still the next day? Back to square one. The biggest mistake I always make is the next day thinking they like me and the attraction switches are already set. Nope. You have to put in the work all over again just like a new girl. So what happens is I get fake numbers, flakes, no responses, sh!t tests, hour long or day long delays to my messages, blocked on FB, etc.

Let me boil it down for you. In the end I don't wake up to some chick wanting me, I wake up to drama galore. I wake up to tell me your freaking problems mate. This is just the way women are. When they say to text them the next morning what they mean is saying something along the lines of "Ohh crap I feel like dirt and really hung over. I'm out of it, got tons of stuff on my mind." I think they would want to hear the honest truth from me rather than be like some douche "Hey this Jack from XXX. Last night was great let's do it again sometime." Wrong! Deleted and ignored right off the bat.

So what this amounts to is you will have to remember no matter how good the night goes (forget the bad nights they go nowhere) and no matter if the IOI's are through the roof and you feel like King Kong dominating the entire place. Remember. Tomorrow she is going to act like nothing ever happened and be like playing you from the start. I always got trapped thinking they liked me the next day and this is not going to work for me anymore. I have my heart stomped on every time I assume they like me the next day and they totally pwn me by flaking, not responding, shutting me down, saying they are leaving me for their ex, have plans, I'm a nice guy but..., the list goes on. So remember you can never win them in A1-A3 it's when you get to the Day 2 and 3 that the attraction starts to stick around and you can rely more heavily upon their signals but still they always throw curve balls and pull fast ones so never assume they like always assume they don't and game them like you did when you opened them and you knew they didn't like you.

I think if we treat it like that we will have better success and results in getting to C1-C3 since after all she was just playing me. Sure she was innocent, fun, and nice but that next day? She can be a downright flaming dragon. Always view it like that. You have not slayed the dragon until the last song or the last dance. So never think "I got this one in the bag" when she is totally digging you at some venue. Tomorrow she will test the living daylights out of you so don't think you got her where you want her. In fact they are expecting the contact and ready to shut you down the minute you say the wrong thing in your text.

So when you go out and get all the IOI's in the world, get the numbers, get the make outs, just remember tomorrow she will be ready to play you for a sucker. So don't get trapped thinking like I did

"This girl likes me like mad"
(No she will play you like mad so stop thinking that!)

After your Day 2 and texting is going on maybe but still never cash in your stock on these ladies since they are well known for playing guys all the time and when you come in weak whether in Set or in Text you WILL get shut down.

Sarging and Outcome Independance
Outcome independance does not make sense. I mean yes it does exist however every guy is outcome dependant. So how do you overcome it? Accept it that you are outcome dependant and embrace it. You are dependant on an outcome to get the bounce, number, compliance, or whatever. To say now you have reached a point of "outcome independance" would basically mean you go out Not to Pick Up chicks. Even Tyler RSD relies on results and his videos he talks of successes not failures. He talks of his pulls and such far more than his blow outs. The obvious signs are every PUA is outcome dependant because the Guru's are dependant on getting results to prove to their students how to get good with women on bootcamps. If they couldn't pull to the taxi do you think they would be where they are today? Probably not.

As I mentioned going online and resorting to FB or POF is a fool's errand (for me at least) I have had so many repeated failures and in fact never got a number online out of like 50 some girls I have gamed and hit on. But of those same numbers of 50 in-field I am getting numbers and make outs left and right mainly because online is subjective and they are thinking of Prince Charming not Mr. Right Now where as in-field the expectation is to hook up so you don't have to be Mr. Perfect except for texting of course then you have to switch it back to being a badass.

I broke one of my cardinal rules.

"Don't game on FB and don't hit on chicks in stores."

The main reason is for the massive shut downs I have faced in those avenues. I got hit on by a HB10 in the Buckle and when she showed interest I just said really boring stuff since she was extending and then I went back in like an AFC and communicated low value. After that I hit her up on FB (further breaking my cardinal rule) and got blocked instantly within half a day after only sending One Message. One Message folks not 10 like I used to just 1.

After this my affirmations were realligned and I decided that would be the nail in the coffin for me in stores. And while this lady in the store showed high interest by hitting on me numerous times her perception of me has gone way down (rejected for the N-close and blocked on FB) as it didn't play out the way she wanted. I am not saying the way I wanted because I never had interest in her to begin with and she was showing interest to which I reacted wrong and got my value reduced for it. It would have been better had I been more playful and played hard to get myself and now I have switched her into the frame of playing super hard to get now and "I have a BF" and I have never broked the "I have a BF" mindset though I have come super close. But never a full F-close for passing the sh!t tests involved. So I updated my FB to say an official "I don't give a fark" attitude which says "Keep calm I am a Pick Up Artist" on my background pic. This is because I lost all faith in FB and since I will be N-closing mostly they will never even see my FB. Plus my FB will be for adding hot chicks but not talking to them from now on and just posting pics of my exploits of all the hotties I met that weekend or what not. Like for instance St Paddy's Parade going pic crazy and going to be pic closing a lot when I N-close.

This is why sarging is my new found love and new found glory. After all in Set I am the bomb. But not always. anyway I think the best thing is to never look back and though I will most likely be approached by this 10 in the store again when I go back in about a month I will just make nothing of it. After all I live to sarge and may be able to do about 30 approaches this weekend hopefully and then this Summer go full blast.

Approaching in stores is lukewarm to me for this reason. It is near impossible to N-close on the spot and they always reject me because you know where they work so they expect you to take your time and come and visit them like their little pet and "wait" for the right moment to close. You don't have to go through this hogwash in-field. When I go in-field I can got 4 numbers in 30 min at my favorite Bar and that was such little effort compared to gaming a store chick for ages till she finally feels "comfortable" enough to allow me to close. So the last thing I want to say is Sarging is the way to go for me and from now on I remove all hope online and in stores. This is my official resigning of the afforementioned subject. I know in the future I will be hit on again and again in stores and restaurants and from now on I will play hard to get and be playful and never try to N-close that first night and will always wait for them to beg for it until I do anything. Online it will be more of posting all these pics with chicks and not saying anything or little of anything and letting them come to me. Screw all the work when it yields so few results online.