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Thread: Male PMS

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    Mystery_wannabe Guest

    Question Male PMS

    Hey guys, I've started this pick up thing about 3 months ago and I'm starting to see patterns in the way I operate emotionally. And it's weird being so self-conscious of how I feel. At the same time, I'm clear of what my emotions are but I cant deal with them very well.

    From time to time I would do pretty well and bring value to my groups. I would make everyone laugh and I feel like Im on the ball but many times I wouldnt feel like doing shit. Then I start to take energy away from the people and I can't stop myself nor can I change the situation.

    For example, these 2 girls sitting behind me tried to open me by saying hi but I couldnt say much back other than 'hi, did you study for the quiz' which. I know is the worst line to use but I couldnt think of anything better. Its not a surprise that the convo died really fast and I stopped talking.

    Is this an inner game issue? I was doing so well before the break and now Im just flunking everything. Why is this happening and what would you do if you were in my shoes?

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    Dandy Guest

    Default Re: Male PMS

    Everone has a bad day, you cant be "in the zone" all the time, but when you catch yourself beeing out of it. State control (From Gamblers "Natural Art Of Seduction"), basically its anchoring a feeling in you that is triggered by a special movement, which if done correct and its been rehearsed, should get you in state.

    Basically write down affirmations about yourself, put on a song that always makes you get into the mood and read the affirmations to yourself while doing some sort of movement. Like scratching your ear or something (Dont go for the crotchgrab :P ) After enough times your brain should start associating this with a higher energy level and hopefully you can use this when youre feeling out of the zone to get back in. Ive tried it, not sure if its the real deal or me getting some sort of placebo effect but it acctually helped me some, weird xD

    I had an amazing xmas break back in my home town, so when I got back home to where I live now I had somewhat of a downer because back there I felt so much safer gaming because I didnt give a shit what they meant about me, im there once a year and they are stuck in that little hillbillytown, lol.
    But here its harder, my line of work means I get to see a lot of people and some I meet out in clubs so I find it harder to just dont care what people think, which seems to hurt my game.

    Its ups and downs MWB, just dont get discouraged, try the anchoring I mentioned, if I didnt explain it well enough im more than happy to give a better description of it. But this all relates to Inner Game I suppose so thats where you need to work some I suppose =)

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    Typhoon Guest

    Default Re: Male PMS

    Could be you're just recovering from the holiday high too. Anyway, i'd just keep at it even if am not in the mood. Have you read that reflection post in one of the threads wherein the guy gets woken up or something and told that they're going out by his mentor? Am sure some days he felt he couldn't be bothered but had he not put in the hours, he also wouldn't be where he is today.

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