Simple post but direct and to the point. This stemmed from a PM I just got from a fellow PUA on here and it spurred a embedded thought I have had for a while but just now able to voice it. So here it is. Very simple advice (MM's line haha).

The Mindset of the HB on the Approach

So you wonder why I love sarging here is why I am about to break this bad boy down. It's basically something very interesting I have noticed in my Pick Up Journey. Very interesting and it is the mindset of the HB on the approach.

The mindset is "oh hey you look hot" and they scope you out with BF's around, guys wanting them trying to get a crack at it and you having to compete for Social Proof to engage the target. In essence Gym Pick Up is odd because approaching the wrong girl sets off a lot of red flags and people's alarms if it goes sour. Basically it is just bad practice cuz it is so obvious you are hitting on them when everyone else is watching you "possibly" get rejected and sets everyone on edge. In a word "Don't do it". The mindset of the HB is mind games.

Been down this road and this question gets asked a lot about gaming women while you are at Church. In a word don't do it. I lost all my friends (social circle of 10 friends guys and gals) for talking about hot chicks or touching girls I got into huge trouble. The mindset of the HB is the Holy Grail.

FB, POF, etc
The mindset of the HB is without a doubt "Prince Charming". So if you got it great but if not? Prepared to get blocked, flamed, trolled, and dissed JUST for asking for a number or flirting. In a word don't do it unless you got beautiful women everywhere around you and they come to you. The Mindset of the HB is Prince Charming.

One of my personal favs. You can see why I love to Sarge. Sarging in Bars is so awesome cuz high profile Bars contain high class women and
10's frequent classy Bars even in groups. Expect a lot of fun. The mindset of the HB in the Bar is as follows "I'm a Hot Pirate so amaze me" and hooking up is also the mindset if it goes well.

Love Clubs, they contain very successful women such as Nurses, Business Owners, Oil Business Employees, high scale stuff. Mostly 9's though is the top pick of the litter. VIP girls are the funnest to approach. N-closed and made out with several VIP girls. The mindset of the HB is "Don't be a douchebag". The mindset is also hooking up if it goes well, unlike online where it is BF material and them screaming from the rooftops I don't do hookups! Well they say that until they get to the Bar then well... you see my point they completely twist their story. But again that's all it is, a mindset. Approach a girl at work and get a completely different reaction.

I don't advise stores or hitting on store clerks since I have been rejected the hardest in stores, online, and Church. So if you dare, approach with extreme caution. The mindset of the HB is "Mr. Perfect" so screw up once with a chick flirting with you and she will reject you by potentially yelling, embarrassing you in front of the whole dang store lowering your confidence significantly.

Holiday Events, Water Parks, Outdoor Malls, Beer Festivals, etc
Another of my favorite sarging locals to the high number of HB's going out in droves. Need to practice my skills here as not much experience here. The mindset of the HB is "Insta Date, have fun, and hang out".

Just a small list of the mindsets. I frequently go around the Bar touching chicks lower backs and it turns them on in Bars. More luck with shoulders and side hugs in the Club. Hand holding works best for Daygame (not hand shaking). But I tried to pull that off in Church and got told I wasn't pre-selected which was a very emotionally damaging experience and partly why I got into the Game to begin with. I just wanted to point out a key point that is why in each venue the mindset of the HB changes. You can't go around rubbing chicks lower back in stores ohh man that would be a sh!t storm! So you can see the HB's will adapt their mindset in each venue so calibrate accordingly. Hope that helps!