proximity is something i notice and one of the first ioi's that i ever cottoned on to.

reading body language is good. it is one of the skills most chicks have. i find i can pick footy matches and boxing bouts from watching the body language of those involved before. i pick up a little money here and there betting too

just thought if i would back myself approaching particular chicks.....?? maybe some. definitely others. I don't find confidence or talking a problem so i leave very little up to personal silence unless the music is loud or unless there are other men around who may not like me being too confident. I still gotta keep the 3 second rule if I can, or if she seperates say to go the bar of whatever then gentlemen this is what we come to do.... time to move.

I am yet to see a leopard on the discovery chanel that has not eaten for days, see his quarry seperate from the pack and his nose not sniff or his ears not prick up. when the surf comes we surf