Hey Guys, Today was a interesting start. While I was leaving the bank I noticed a HB8 sitting by herself around the food court. I will admit I was a bit nervous because there were a few guys around her and I didnt know if she was either by herself or with her boyfriend. Anyway, I decided to stall by getting a drink.
Once I purchased my drink, she started to head off then I finally found out she was by herself.. Those guys around her where just standing there

Anyway, so I walk in a nice pace to keep up with her, we stop at the cross light.
My opener I started off was
Me: Hey, do I know you from somewhere?

I then began to tell her that she looks really similar to a friend of mine back home. We then began to talk about twins,
I then introduce myself, she does the same.. We talk about school, the courses shes taking and so on.. anyways I told her about the story of the "Thong" where my friends girlfriend found another girls thong in the apartment in which they live at.
She started to laugh,
She told me she was going back home in Oshawa..
So I looked at my phone for a quick second as if I was reading a message.. I then told her that I had to head off (in which i really didn't) I suggested that we should grab a coffee or a drink sometime next week.. She agree'd

Number Close !!

We then parted ways, now I did not use any Kino's just a normal conversation.. I was hoping for a insta-date. (May I remind you she was on her way to catching a train to go back to her city)

Could I have done anything better in this situation?
Any minor things I could improve on?