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    Default She thinks I have a girlfriend: Still game?

    There is this really cute girl at work that I'm interested in. I've been gaming her for months, and somehow, haven't gone no where with her. Ive been able to Number Close her, but every time I made plans, she gave me flaky responses (ohhh i don't know when). Finally, she texted one day to go meet her up at a restaurant with her friend. Unfortunately, I couldn't make it cause I had to work. She teases me about this later and tells me, "Your mean and rude, suppose to meet up with me at _______"!!

    It got to a point where I realized that I was ''in too deep'' with this girl. This girl was mindf***ing me. It felt she was giving me no ioi's and if she was, the IOI's were fake ones to reel me back in. I started to back off and a few times and let her start the interaction. Everytime I don't talk to her at work, SHE NOTICES. She'll try to reel me back in. This girl became almost stuck up.. she loves attention too. I think I VALIDATED her too much early on, and gave up some of my power to her. I realized this and I knew I had to BACK off.

    Recently, a female friend of mine came in to work in the afternoon, and I had to do something for her. Everyone was asking who it was. I said it was a FRIEND. My target saw and asked, Is that your GIRLFRIEND?" I nodded at her and said 'Yes'. lol I only said it to just see what she would do. She smiled and gave me this smirk. ALL OF A SUDDEN throughout the rest of the day, she's talking with me and pretty much being around my radar. We were teasing each other... she kept bringing up my girlfriend. She said she wanted to tell her something (teasing again). Next day, she's showing interest. She is talking to me about things she already knows. Heck, she's even more flirty than the usual days. I learned to stay centered. Continue teasing her while going about my business.

    I feel like i'm manipulating this a bit; but its fun. Guess GIRLS ARE COMPETITIVE when it comes to getting the guy. Should I tell this girl the truth soon though? I deleted all contacts from this girl after she flaked me the 3rd time. And right when I put that wall back up, she's all over me. Part of does wants to be PERSISTENT though. I feel like I'm not pushing the interaction where it wants to go. I just want to take out to lunch/dinner... thats it. This girl.. its either a romantic interest or were going to be acquaintances.. at work . I definitely don't want to be friends with someone I have romantic interests for.

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    Default Re: She thinks I have a girlfriend: Still game?

    I hope you have learned a valuable lesson here. Push her away and she pursues. Pursue and she pushes away. Mastering that dance is half the game and is far more important than whether you tell her you're single or not.

    As for telling her truth, it's personal preference but you inspired me to write this

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