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    Solomon Guest

    Default Let's Talk Fragrance

    I'm planning to buy new scents and just wanted to pick up your recommendations. I know there's really nothing out there akin to what Axe can deliver (at least in their commercials) but care to share what soaps, colognes or aftershaves you use that get girls to sniffing you?

    I've been an Acqua di Gio loyalist but i've also worn CK scents. How about you guys?

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    bloodDiamond Guest

    Default Re: Let's Talk Fragrance

    For my perfume, I usually wear CK. Axe can be a good cologne. I used to wear it when I go for a jog or a simple strolling in the mall. When I go on night outs and I'm with girls, I wear CK. Girls easily notice it and gets a positive feedback. On the other hand, I use DIAL soap.

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    HotRod Guest

    Default Re: Let's Talk Fragrance

    I think women loves, light and somewhat sweet kind of perfume than those perfumes with strong odor. It is very irritating to the nose. Good hygiene greatly helps, not just perfumes and other stuff...

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    Dandy Guest

    Default Re: Let's Talk Fragrance

    Through the years ive been through a lot of good ones and a lot of bad ones, and at the moment I fancy the Diesel Brave. Or maybe even the regular Diesel one.

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    callmeamackinprogress Guest

    Default Re: Let's Talk Fragrance

    here's what's up homes!

    david beckham 'instinct' and 'signature'

    aeropastle 'sport'

    issay miyake 'pourre home'

    don't f with the axe, it doesnt stick! you'll be spraying yourself all day long haha

    gravity is amazing! i don't know who it is buy but you can go to and type in gravity.

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    aussie Guest

    Default Re: Let's Talk Fragrance

    What is mean's by this is to find the scent which best compliments you. Growing up I honestly didnít put much thought into this,I used what ever was available. But as time passed I discovered that what i thought something smelt like in the bottle was completely different on the skin and what smelt good on someone else was a disaster on meÖThis has to do with the chemical makeup of our bodies, people with oily skin will hold scents longer so a lighter scent should be used, dry skin absorbs the moisture in the cologne resulting in the fragrance evaporating more rapidly so a heavier cologne should be used. Then we can go much deeper and look at the chemical makeup of your skin which has variations in every person and affects the fragrance differently. What we need to do to find your signature scent is to breakdown who you are.

    The reaction we are looking for is the same reaction you get when you walk down the street and someone is cooking something you like. The scent catches the air and travels outwards. When it reaches you several things happen ,your brain sends signals all over your body. Your nose switches, your mouth begins to produce saliva, your stomach makes rumbling noises and you begin to search for when the smell originated. Well basically this is what your cologne should do for you. Much the same as a doe in heat attracts the buck women are attracted by certain scents and it would be a lot easier if they all were attracted by one scent but unfortunately that does not happen, to the delight of fragrance makers . Now their are a lot of companies out there making colognes for men and each one will tell you theirs is best but the truth be known there is not one true scent that is better than all the rest . You need to find the one that suits you and your life styleÖ..

    Now there is three phases to a scent : First is of course the initial scent , this is what you smell when you first put it on (the fragrance of the cologne) Then there is the intermediate, as the moisture is absorbed or evaporated the aroma is released. Then the finishing stage which combines two things, the combining of the cologne with the chemicals of the skin and how long it lasts.

    The most popular way of testing this is too spray or splash it on the skin but if your testing more than one they begin to clash or combine until you donít know which one is which. Another method is too put the cologne on cards, this is good for a starting spot but you still donít know what it will do when put on the skin. My suggestion is take your time and every time you need to go to the store have a shower before hand and try on a different one each time. Take a female friend with you or use it as a opener asked someone if they can help you and tell you what it smells like to them. And remember colognes are potent one spray is quiet sufficient too much can be very overpowering and you could lose your desired affect.

    The affect you want is silent and seductive, barely touching their senses so they are enticed to search you out. As you walk quietly thru the room the delicate scent should linger briefly then fade away, turning the heads of all the ladies and becoming the senses to follow and find you not sting their eyes and burn their nostrils so they canít breath.

    Here are some hints to help you on your adventure. Never try out more than three scents at one time , your nose will become confuse with lingering scents of the ones before.Now a fragrance is a combination of aromas referred to as notes,some may prefer to use a single note as in essential oils. Others prefer a combination .It is a good idea to have a couple of different choices as for colder times you might require a stronger scent for to release a scent evaporation of moisture is required.

    For the adventurous energetic and full of life a citrus base is popular,where as the secretive man of mystery oriental spices is the way to go. Then we are left with the romantic Casanova the smell of beach forest and a bit flowery and finally the man of the world, business and formal look to a more woody scent base of sandalwood and /or muskÖ

    Well now you have a starting spot the rest is up to you donít rush your decision and as time changes and you change your outlook so you should change your signature cologne.

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    slasherguy Guest

    Default Re: Let's Talk Fragrance

    I've also tried using a couple of brands with good and not so good feedbacks. Then, I finally discover what works for me. It's HUGO BOSS.

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    TopGuy Guest

    Default Re: Let's Talk Fragrance

    There are a lot of good scents available out there. You should choose which scent you are comfortable with. SOmeone told you, the scent you are wearing tells who you are.. So, be yourself.. Choose which you think is the best scent for you. But, also, consider some suggestions that people may have. It may work on you too....

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    Matrix Guest

    Default Re: Let's Talk Fragrance

    Personally, Ive been wearing Armani code for a couple years and am starting to change it up with Joop and Versace Man

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    smoothcriminal Guest

    Default Re: Let's Talk Fragrance

    CK is a great perfume for men, as well as HUGO BOSS.. New great scents like LACOSTE and CHANEL are worth a try....

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