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    Question Need help with flakey HB8

    Let me start off by saying that this HB8 is the youngest girl in my graduate school class (two years younger than me and lives with her mother).

    Last year I invited her to go bowling with me and some friends. She accepted and I picked her up and we went bowling together. She was getting along with my friends and I had a great time. However, she didn't drink (she was 20 at the time) and we were all drinking beer. When I dropped her off at her house I asked her to dinner and she said yes.

    However, the day that we were suppose to go to dinner, she stated that she had forgotten she had to fix her best friend's hair. I waited a month, asked her to come bowling with me and my friends again, she said yes and then at the last minute said she was sick. This happened once more and then I ignored her.

    **Recently, she messaged me on fb and wanted me to say a few things that she could use in a newspaper article about my student club. I responded and then asked her to coffee. She accepted the coffee date, and then the day of the date cancelled 10 minutes before the date. I ignored her after that for a few weeks.

    Just yesterday, I played guitar at a school show and she was in the audience. This was the first time anyone had seen me perform. She came to me after the show and told me I was great. Four hours later she messaged me on fb asking what my youtube page was because she wanted to see my videos.

    I don't know whether she is interested? Why she keeps on accepting dates and then flaking out? Should I just friendzone her and move on or ask her out *in person* one more time now that my performance increased my social value?

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    Default Re: Need help with flakey HB8

    First of all, you should do both. Move on and the next time you see her you should get food or drinks right then. Figure out what her schedules like. Its probably just bad timing.

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