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    Default My frame control is all screwed up, how to recover ?

    I have talked about this before and we have been down this road. Oh well here it goes again. One of my girls won't text me back about it so coming here rather than blowing up her phone.

    The Buckle Chicks
    Yes I know we have come to a definitive conclusion for me to give up on gaming the Buckle chicks from a previous thread. This proved my original theory not to hit on girls in stores cuz it is a Gauntlet every time. Well this time was not the case since this HB9 hit on me not the other way around. So I gave the story but did my original thinking of only FB closing store chicks which was a success. However it went south cuz I couldn't find her then went back in for a failed N-close. Well that's all fine and dandy till tonight. I am blocked on FB by the way. So walk in and there she is popping up again checking me out yet again. But this time was different, boy did she look raging pissed! I must have really made her mad. Anyway there she goes running away. Then she seen me talking to a bro and walks by eavesdropping (Wtf?) then starts checking me out in my Gym sweats?! Then was checking me out all sad as I was leaving (well I thought you didn't like me?). My question is why won't she stop watching me when I already got rejected TWICE?

    As I posted this past weekend I killed it at the Club with 100% N-close rate on my attempts. I am killing it in the Club being super fun, playful, and confident. But then tonight I walk in and see her head popping up and it totally throws me off my game and I eject early from talking to a bro I was enjoying talking to. But she makes me so uncomfortable by being so in my face all the time. I don't want to know how to get her. I want to know how to regain frame control and make her jealous I can finally be myself around her. Not Oneitis but she is like Kryptonite since I screwed up so much it hurt my confidence around her and don't know how to recover.
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    Default Re: My frame control is all screwed up, how to recover ?

    Im gonna go off the assumption she works at Buckle and therefore is paid commission for flirting with guys to get them to buy shit, so lets not assume she hit on you. Also lets not assume she is "checking you out" and may possibly just be anxious that you are there.

    Not sure what you said to her but it must have made her feel negative emotions. Confidence is not a constant, it will waiver for time to time but stay on your game with other women and the ship will right itself.

    If you are # closing so many women hang out with them at the mall, cruise with them to talk to your Bro and ignore that chick. It will make you feel better and she might change her tune once you roll through with social proof.

    Best of luck
    - JimmyG

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