I know this get's asked quite a bit but I think this one's a little different as bartenders don't work for tips here in Australia, i.e. no flirting just to make a sale.

So there's a bartender at my local that is pretty cute.

I'm pretty sure I have been getting a couple of ioi's the last few times I have been there, nothing obvious and I could just be mistaking them lol.
But when I go to the bar with other people she will get me my drink first (without me having to ask), If she is collecting empty glasses from our table she stands quite close to me and even lingers there for a little longer than what seems normal.. just little things like that.

Anyway I wanted to open her tonight but for some reason just couldn't come up with anything to say other than the usual drink order lol.

Anyone got any good ideas? I know the rest of the bartenders there so I thought of asking one of them (and then mentally slapped myself for thinking so AFC haha!!)