Just got back from the Club and now it all makes sense. All the mysteries now put into place. It's crystal clear. Been framing myself as sexual, a bit sassy, and ultimately high class. I only go for 9's and 10's and here's why.

The Clear Path
Walked into the Club and I saw her, the bartender who rejected me. I walked up and waved BOOM confidence in every fiber of my being it wasn't her it was me but it comes to light in the presence of a hot girl. Walked away and came back many times and finally figured it out. The truth that is. It is more plainly to see now. Granted I took some substance to mainly dance tonight but I still have a PUA hard wired inside my head.

The Truth
Danced like a machine. So good to the point security was messing with me and shining their flashlights at my arms watching me bust. Everywhere I went peeps wouldn't stop staring, smiling, cheering, and gawking. Literally the entire place in awe. Seen the bartender surrounded by peeps staring dead at me like her head was a stone statue. Drunk chick tried to grind with me and didn't think I'd bite. Apparently she rejected herself since she ran away screaming "no way" and laughing uncontrollably. She clearly couldn't handle me. And when a drunk 7 can't handle your game must be outta this world. So I went by the VIP sections people gawking everywhere I went seemed like people wouldn't stop paying attention to my moves. The DJ loved it of course and the people asked "why is he dancing" cuz no one was there but once it packed out people didn't want me to stop and saying things like "this is your song dawg."

Some sickly looking broads were just eyeing my piece everywhere. A 3 Set would not stop giggling when I passed by as I had opened them earlier and never closed. Closing less and didn't put it in the FR cuz no 9's showed up. But either way I learned something and talked to another ladies man. So I couldn't believe this bartender's attitude did a full 180 from hating me and having her BF threaten to beat me up to her head spinning on my every word. I had her busting on her arse so hard laughing she had to reach down from blushing so bad. And all I said was "can I get drinks from you next time?" (Due to BF incident) and she said sure. I said "Great cuz I feel an obligation to tip a hot girl." And that's where she bent over busting on her arse blushing from ear to ear and turning red. It must have been such a well placed compliment she felt incredible. Then she did what they always do. She repeated back every word except this time she spoke in third person and put in the twist "especially bartenders and servers." Well played I said and later she was checking me out constantly like I was Brian Boy Boytano. Like I was a play thing basically. The other bartender expects me to kiss her hand every time and waits for it and blushed when I joked about hooking up with her if she ever becomes single again.

But this is not when I drink. I can't dance like that and security leaves me the fark alone and so does all the gawking and staring. But when I drop something incredible happens. I become the dancing king for a season. Everybody knows it and clears out when they see me walk out. Pulled up my shirt and the girls went crazy. Texted my boys to do a tag team hopefully later this month with all 3 of us just drinking so obviously not barely any dancing. What does all this mean? It means confidence and I mean big time. My confidence was through the roof due to tearing up the Dancefloor into a sea. So granted I learned why. I learned why the Buckle chick started ignoring me and giving mixed signals it is because I stopped acting confident. It is why I didn't get laughed at or get ratted out to someone's BF for being a creeper cuz my confidence was through the roof. And when my confidence is shot no wonder they think I AMA creeper cuz I am at that point. Stuck in my head and ineffective.

But I realized the talking thing to. I do 70-80% of the talking and women are like parrots man repeating stuff I say for then to internally test congruence. I thought it was weird at first to have girls repeat what I said like a darn broken record but I see now they test if my confidence holds true to what I say. Their way of making peace I guess. So now I know why the girls at work check me out while they have BF's, why the girl at the Gym checks me out with her BF right there, why girls are constantly staring and won't stop. It's confidence. When I have they are like moths to a flame. When I don 't have it they act weird and put out crazy vibes like WTF are you doing son? Creeper status you know. Know I know why they do that jazz while they have BF's it because pure confidence shines like the sun to them and when I feel it they go nuts. When I don't feel I might as well walk the fark away since that ain't doing nobody any good. Last night changed it all. Confidence is my new calibration technique to check to see if I got it going on or need to refresh with some down time.

I used to find it annoying girls always stared at me and though I know this has a lot to do with looks, it has a lot with the way I dress since I dress like a badass, it has more to do with confidence since now that I am more accepting of the girls staring like crazy they only do it more. I used to fight for girls to look at me now I have to run away from some sickly 7 going me over like a giant D . That's creepy. So now I have girls wanting me but 9's and 10's ain't like that since they know how to keep up with me. The only challenge since even 7's don't feel worthy and I had that 7 from the 3 Set pinky swearing I was who I said I was and called BS that I had 16 drinks and my friend witnessed 10-13 of them. I promised never to drink that much again either. I basically played the hell out of them and they seemed all sad I didn't like them since I never N-closed.

But the point I make here is I was get annoyed with all the looks as I was getting confidence and had to give girls dirty looks to get them to stop (Gym incident) and was getting annoyed by the amount of women hitting on me. Now I see clearly now that I know the truth. Heaven may draw from the sky and the mountains can fall into the sea and I won't whine but I will become a rising Phoenix because last night changed it all. All I need is to maintain confidence . Now I will ignore the looks and have it boost my confidence since I know what the heck is up. That last bit is from a song by the way.