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    Default openers in the field of the burbs

    got home from work today and i was super bored so i just stoppped girls in the middle of the street and in the workplace. provide input on where i went if you must.

    girl a. stopped in the middle of my street

    me: hey do you have a lighter *having cigarretee in my hand*
    girl: no i don't
    me: (notice a cut above her lip, maybe a herp idk) how did you get that nasty cut?
    girl: i kept biting my lip and i broke my skin
    girl moves away\
    me:later i guess

    girl was pretty good looking probably like 7, i didnt think twice to talk to her again but if i see her maybe ill elborate on her

    girl b: girl working in walgreens

    me: excuse me miss can you show me where the chapstick is?
    girl: sure follow me

    *get to chapstick, follows me to aisle 5*

    girl; heres the chapstick

    me: ive been playing a little game with people recently do you want to play
    girl; *thinks for a minute*, agrees
    me:think of a number 1-10
    girl: okay i got it
    me: is it 7?
    girl; yeah how did you know that my favorite number
    me: *i have a sick sense about these kind of things*, thats crazy
    girl: goes back to register
    make small talk talk, she has a ring on finger and ask her if shes married, fuck she said yes
    checkout....blah blah blah blah

    discuss how you would go about this to a young playa?

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    Default Re: openers in the field of the burbs

    Girl A) dafuq was that? Just don't do that opening again. She was most likely self concious about the cut on her lip so she got creeped out when u pointed it out. Don't do that. You usually comment on observations that make her feel POSITIVE. Like maybe she has a cool style of clothing, or nice jewlery, or even a nice face lol

    Girl B) You had a decent number guess thing, but the. Went absolutely NOWHERE with it. You could have been like "i have special mind reading powers... Wow, you have a very dirty mind" or something to build sexual Tension.

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