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    Ambition Guest

    Default What to do after making out?

    I was at a party on Saturday and spit some fantastic game at the host. Two hours into the party, I was on her bed making out. Then her phone rang, and it was some more people coming to the party. We made out for another minute, but she had to leave to help them find the apartment.

    When she got back, it was weird. She was walking around playing host again with the new party folks. I couldn't get us back into the flirty mood we were in, and I didn't even talk to her much the rest of the party.

    Does anyone have advice how to transition backwards into the casual conversation again, and then transition that again into something more?

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    Pinai Guest

    Default Re: What to do after making out?

    Uhoh... I think she may have regretted the kiss, not because you were lousy, but just because she had a change of mind. Her friends may have even commented about her not being around and that made her feel embarassed.

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    Default Re: What to do after making out?

    I have had trouble with this kinda thing too. The best thing I have found to help negate this is to do some serious anchoring. When you are seriously getting it on, do something that isn't quite sexual, but unique. Once thing I do, is I'll be running my hands around, and then occasionally I'll pat her on the back lightly. It isn't enough to break the mood but, it is a little out of the ordinary so she remembers it. Now, later when the state is broken and you want to bring it back. You can come up, and massage her shoulders and then repeat the action while, gently breathing on her neck. Now if she was totally regretting involvement with you, it probably won't work, however if she is just a little bit nervous or unsure where you guys should pick up, it will bring back thoughts of when you were seriously going at it, and it will give her a reference point of where to pick-up from. It's basically a form of physical anchoring.

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    JonJeremyPUA Guest

    Default Re: What to do after making out?

    one technique that I usually use on first kisses is just when it gets hot I simply pull away and kind give her a playful push and smile and usually say something to the line that I better watch out for her...she will almost always smile and say what? why?...the key I have found is to not act like you are upset and really like her...that is the WRONG thing to do...haha..don't act like you just feel in love or something...just act like you thought something was a little funny/unique. I usually even kinda make a slight HHHMMMM sound and look off into space and grin...she will ask what then simply tell her " I don't just seem a little different than the girls that I usually kick it with and it's kinda ---===PAUSE===--- nice for a change"...she will smile and grin because not only do you compliment her and make her feel unique and special, but you also dhv'd yourself by implying that there have been and are other girls that you talk to, but she is little different. I have ALWAYS been able as soon as I say this to smile..look at her my fingers through her hair and slowly reengage the kiss and escalate. just make sure it is a playful smile not a serious smile like i'm looking for a relationship has worked the best. It has worked either way, but I kinda had to wing it and BS and pull some stuff out of the box if I acted serious..just not good....remember playful and fun and remember you DO have options and there is nothing wrong with acting like you do !

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    HotRod Guest

    Default Re: What to do after making out?

    I think it is not the perfect time for her to continue making out with you. As much as she wanted to, she can't just leave her guests and stay inside her room making out with you all night long.

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    Nubbi Guest

    Default Re: What to do after making out?

    Wow. I am picking up tips on this thread, especially JonJeremy's. The marshmallow test comes to mind, haha. To get more, delay gratification and gratify her ego for a moment. Way cool!

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