So I was with one friend of mine today and I see this HB6 asking a guy where the closest ATM was in the vicinity...I saw her walking the road and I told her..

Me:Come here you...I sense you are looking for something
HB:Yeah, I'm looking for an ATM
Me:Oh, wait(I open an app in my smartphone)... so here it is!150m away
HB:Ohhh is it far away?
Me:Not really...
HB:I have a broken toe..oh how am I going so far away?
Me:So you need help...oh come on let's go!By the way how can I be sure that you won't lead us to some mysterious alleys?I don't even know your name...
(we exchange names and had a chit chat on the way)

So we go to the nearest ATM and..

HB:Well we're at that club with my friend, would you like to join?
Me:Sure let's go!

We went to the club, grabbed a beer and did some dancing friend liked her, but I wasn't into her that much(or her friend)...but it was a cool experience, my friend got her facebook account and I felt great!

It was the first time I did something like that after...10 years I suppose.

Gonna do this again for sure