so me and my wingman went out to a bar down the street from his mancave.i usually go to a bar thats 3 blocks away from the bar we we went to bar A instead of bar B is a the joint i go everynight and i got lucky with 3 hot girls that work there,all it took was doing a good job with one and i guess she told her co-workers . ok so we get to bar A order a pitcher x6 (8.00 pitchers!!!)we met some buddies and sat on a table watched the playoffs and what not.4 potentials are sitting infront of us on the bar i get shot down !!! (*cry) so i go outside to the smoking patio with my buddie.met 3 chicks all from sacramento that just moved out down to long beach about a year ago.i started talking to the most friendliest one(girl A) and on the corner of my eye i catch her older friend (girl C same age as me) watching me conversation with her younger friend.girl A finally introduces me to girl B& we get back into talking we start talking about some sativa and blow coachella festival blah blah we finish our beers and secuirty come over and yells LAST CALL for beer its 30 mins b4 i tall her i got some green and if shes down to first she was hesitant but finally said "yeah lets do it, lets go,"grabs my hand and shes taking we are walking down the street her friends call her out.she tells them that shes leaving with me and will be back in like 10 mins they said ok but i open my big ass mouth and ask her if thy are down to smoke as well.bam i got 3 of them so we go to my buddies mancave 2 blocks down and we smoke.but one had to leave cuz she works at 5 am and it was already i tell them if they want to come to a bbq next week and they are like " heck yeah!! you have girl A phone number ,call her and we will come" .they also invited me to their pad(they are roomates) so we can smoke and kick it in the spa area of there apartment so after the invitation to the bbq and some chatting they left cuz girl C had to wake up in like 4 hours.

1.did i mess up by not going to there place?
2.what should my next move be ???
3.was inviting them to a BBQ a good idea??
4.if you read all of what i typed,what could i of done better? (so i can be alot more smoother)