Ok so I have been using this on Tinder lately and it has worked fairly well so I am going to try it next time I am out in the field.

Simply say Nsync or Backstreet Boys? Maybe even add something like Ok I have a really serious question for you. I was planning on always disagreeing with them and going with the opposite of who they like more. Follow up with something along the lines of, oh my god no way thats terrible, we are breaking up, I will stop by our place tomorrow for my cd's but you can keep all the crappy nsync/backstreet boys ones. Then just transition from there into conversation. I always like trying to guess their name after opening and I will always guess some crazy name and that usually gets a laugh or an oh my god why would you think that? So any opinions or tweaks? I was thinking it might also be better suited for after opening as a screening/disqualifying routine but I think it has some potential as an opener.