I have said it once and I'll say it again. I don't F 6's, 7's, or 8's. I just don't. 9's and 10's only for me. I am just really over it. I was so confused and turned down my stunners and I am over that. I may F an 8 but only if I think she is a 9 at the time. Either way I thought getting buff and getting tatts would help me but confidence is still the order of the day. Girls be eyeing me up and down every which way, and every day. Now I think they are messing with me.

I had the bank lady scoping my goodies, the stunner at the Club, the girl at the Gym with her Bf, the chick walking down the street in tight yoga pants, now I just know they are always looking, and wanting me to make a move. But if my move is weak they fry me up like a freak. And maybe I am believing I can be something unique.

So I set my eyes on the 9's and 10's and they set their eyes on me. But the question is not do they like me but do I like me. Cuz when Iike me they prove my point but when I am feeling unsure I get smoked. This is why I retire everything I know for everything I want. No need to warm up, no need to get super wasted, no need to approach on the street, in the store, at the Gym.

This is because I've tried and failed. I will put the Cocktail Waitress in my rotation of targets since we talked the other night and she is flirting again. But the other two bartenders I don't like so no need to flirt with them anymore. This girl on FB never says a word but won't go away so she'll be mission impossible project #2. And the rest will come this year through N-closes likely.

My adventure starts in June with a blow out weekend of the Water Park, Outdoor Mall, Bar, Club, Bar again, and Pool Party. So that's in June just a full weekend from Fri-Sun of approaching noon-night. Nonstop overkill. Then a Beer Festival on a separate weekend to kickstart the Summer. My Cocktail Waitress target tried to hookup with me once but now ignores me and got mad but we talked and seemed to make amends. I have no clue just keep talking. But she'll be at the Club and be at the Pool Party so I got some chances to redeem myself. I once looked at her as bang-able and a dream. Totally unattainable but then once Iocked her in she was coming to me, something I never could have seen coming. Doesn't matter. Like I said whole weekends of approaches coming soon to an FR near you from a far off land and a far off place. June it begins and just warming up now. I decided warm up sets are over and Spring is my warm up method now. So instead of getting started on 6's and 7's I am getting started on 8's but no need to warm up during the night anymore. After Spring warm up I'll be ready to go. Last year was crazy but this year I am going into freak mode full force. Till next time.