Going out alone tonight and I think I am ready to bring a girl home,well her home hopefully since the bars I go to are 30 miles away from my house lol my town has crappy bars.

I notice that girls never go alone to bars and I am trying to figure out how to take a girl home when her friend is right there and not buzzing off, I have no wingman all my friends are too broke to go out lol I am sarging alone.

I noticed that girls in large groups are there for a "girls night out" and I get rejected when I approach 9/10, smaller groups like two girls may be looking for some one night action.

Also, what openers are best for bar game, direct or indirect? I have tried both. My last successful opener was " Excuse me, I am guilty. Of what? I thought ya'll were cute and I wanted to come meet y'all" I addressed the group of two girls and at the end of the night they invited us to a Strip Club lol I also had a very good wingman that night.