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    daimpressor Guest

    Default Really need some urgent advise

    Ok so here is the deal. One of my friends from college introduced me to her sister about 3 months ago. she had just ended a relationship with her ex whom she had been with for about 8 months. Now after the first time we got introduced, i didnt see the sister for about a month until my friend called me one day and told me that they were going clubing and asked me to join them. Now when i got there the sister was there and she introduced me to this other guy as one of their friends. Since then i have been clubing one more time with them and the "guy friend" was there too. The sister and I have exchanged numbers and facebook info, and we have gonne for dinner twice and im starting to like this girl. Anyways the guy friend's birthday is on friday (in 2 days) and him and another mutual friend who happens to be the person hosting the party, invited me. The sister, who after we had dinner today,i asked her if there is anything going on between her and the "guy friend" and she said that "they are kind off dating but its not serious or exclusive yet" and i fessed up and told her that im starting to like her. Now she is going to be at the party too.

    So my question is, should i go to the party or not. And if i go what should i do.

    I know that was a lot to read but any advice is appreciated.

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    Ridikulus Guest

    Default Re: Really need some urgent advise

    Go to the party and see if there are other girls you can like or will interest you. Oh, flirt with the sister all you can but since you know she's also seeing someone else, at least don't limit your game only to her.

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    smoothcriminal Guest

    Default Re: Really need some urgent advise

    I definitely agree. Go to there party. keep yourself cool. Enjoy and meet other girls. Just don't concentrate too much on the girl who is seeing somebody already.

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    Pinai Guest

    Default Re: Really need some urgent advise

    Or... you can come to the party with a date. A hot date

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    ragr Guest

    Default Re: Really need some urgent advise

    take pinai's advice for sure lol

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    Pinai Guest

    Default Re: Really need some urgent advise


    Just make sure you have a hoppin' grand time when (not if) you go. Don't force it, 'coz it will show. Enjoy the girls, the new buds you might make, the new games you might learn, the new music you might hear. I mean, it's a Friday night darling, it's meant to be enjoyed.

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    Instinct Guest

    Default Re: Really need some urgent advise

    You need to escalate way faster. Second date is the deadline for sex.

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    Solomon Guest

    Default Re: Really need some urgent advise

    Have you checked if she's going to the party with that guy? If she is, then I guess you should really just amuse yourself with other targets. If she's not, then ask her to go with you, and like what Instinct said, go escalate. Who knows, you could chalk up more points than the other guy.

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    Loner Guest

    Thumbs up Re: Really need some urgent advise

    I would go, but don't approach her as soon as you get there. Instead go around building temp and social proofing yourself. Afterwords go in with high energy and say that you like her energy, if she complies and comes with energy.

    If she doesn't smile / get energetic, then say "what happen to the exciting, adventurous, spontaneous girl I met last time?" / neg her with any line and give IOIs to her friends if they accept you (IOIs, go into next routine (better routine), etc something better). After a few negs, (if she doesnt agree with you) she will come around once she sees her friends having so much fun.

    Then continue running game like its a new chick (dont assume your time bridge will save you, unless she brings up something good from your last meet with her) this is the typical plan I run with just about any chick / friend that I wanna impress, or like... and it works

    (BUT KEY THING THAT RUINS AN APPROACH IS TIMING AFTER ATTRACTION .... I'll post more about that later... after my competition)

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