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Thread: Cocky-Funny. How you know you're doing it right.

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    Default Cocky-Funny. How you know you're doing it right.

    I've been seeing two women recently and I have a third lined up in my hometown. I'm naturally cocky-funny and I always have been since I was a kid. I'm going to share some examples of things I say to these girls to show you how bold and extreme you can be if you do it right.

    I want to throw a disclaimer in right away. If cocky-funny isn't part of your personality don't do it. You shouldn't try to be this way unless you are. If you are naturally cocky-funny then don't hold it in. Women are drawn to it like...well...flies to sh!t.

    The long LONG game....

    I've known this girl for a long time and she lives in my hometown. I made out with her 4 years ago at a bar. My old roommate dates her sister so over the years I always make it a point to tell him "say hi to Beth for me". Well "Beth" didn't like me and thought I was a creeper at first so this was quite funny to me. I always insinuated to my old roommate and his girlfriend that Beth wanted me. I know this got around to her!

    I got her number at the bar over a year ago and three months ago I said "why not" and started messing around with her over text. I told her stuff like "I know your secretly in love with me" "Why don't you just admit that you have a crush on me". When she would text me to open a conversation I would say something like "Your thinking about me AGAIN?!" Or "You need to stop thinking about me so much".

    I'm not going into all the details but for the first month it was me initiating every couple weeks. I would always end the convo and sometimes would not respond for hours. This drove her crazy and she would double/triple text and ADMITTED that I was driving her crazy. About a month ago she started to initiate and now it's gotten to the point that she's initiating at least twice a week. Here's part of the last text convo I had with her

    Her: In class?
    Me: (8 hours later) No I'm done with class but I've been super busy all day. Tell me what's on your mind smarty pants.
    Her: Get snapchat and add me (Her username)
    Me: I don't have a smartphone but I can still receive picture messages.
    Her: No!
    Her: Creep
    Me: Well it's the same thing dork.
    Her: No it's kinda not.
    Me: Well if your not comfortable sending picture messages since I don't have a snapchat then don't do it.
    Her hahahaha
    Her: Picture message
    Me: Picture message
    Her: Picture message
    Her: goodnight
    Me: Don't dream about me TOO much! ;-)
    Her. I won't
    Me I give you permission but ONLY for tonight. :-P
    Her: contact me when you actually want to take me out on a date.
    Me: I'm taking you out on a date when I move back for the summer. Dork.
    Her: you better!

    See how that worked? I wasn't over the top with it but I dropped plenty of cocky/funny lines and I got her to admit that she REALLY wants to go on a date with me. I'm not going to rate her with a number scale because I'm over that line of thinking. She's f'ing hot and you would want to bang her. I'll leave it at that.

    The two girls I'm seeing in my college town. Lets start with Carly.

    I got her number a couple weeks ago and I've hung out with her three times. Last night included. I called her up and said "Hey! What the hell are you doing." She told me she was drinking at a bar so I give her all kinds of shit for it (I always do, she likes to drink). I say "leave that place in half an hour. I'm picking you up at your place and we are going to (bar name). She says okay.

    I can't remember specific lines but I make fun of her for enjoying knitting/sewing. I also make fun of her for her obsession with her ginnea pig. She bought the f'ing thing a harness so she can take it on a walk! Holy crap I gave her sh!t for that one.

    Me:You BOUGHT your rat a harness? (BIG SMILE) WOOOW.
    Her: Yes (giggles). He needs exercise.
    Me: You REALLY need more friends (straight face).
    Her: Your an asshole! (laughs)
    Me: And you're JUST realizing this now?


    Later that night I left Carly and went to this other girls house. I'll call her Justine. When I get there she says
    Her: what were you doing.
    Me: Hanging out with my other girlfriend at the bar
    Her: Really now. Why didn't you go home with her.
    Me: I would have but she had to work super early, otherwise I'd be banging her tonight.
    Her: You're an ass! (Laughs)

    This girl is a sassy one and you wouldn't believe what I say to her! Here's another convo we had
    Me: Your roommates are hot. I'm totally going to bang them.
    Her: Go right ahead. Too bad (roomates name) only likes athletes
    Me: That's what SHE thinks. Silly girl.
    Her: Wow you REALLY think your gods gift to women don't you.
    Me: Yeah, actually I do. Thanks for noticing.
    Her: You're a cocky asshole.
    Me: How does that make you feel. (Big smile)
    Her:'s really charming.

    Tell a girl your dating that your going to bang all her roommates and she finds it charming! The weird thing is that this girl KNOWS I'm not messing around. I really am going to try and bang her roommates and she KNOWS it! Here's some other things I've said to her:

    Me: (see a picture of a cute girl on her wall) Who's that?
    Her: Thats my cousin.
    Me: She's hot
    Her: She's only 19!
    Me: That's legal
    Her: F you!
    Me: Sooo...whens your cousin going to visit.
    Her: I will not allow you to hit on my little cousin!

    I've also told her things like "what are you making me for breakfast" "You totally seduced me, your the aggressor here. That's ok. If I were a chick I would wan't me too" "Will you stop undressing me with your eyes" "Why don't your sisters visit. I'd like to get to know them too." " Did you see that girl? She was eye f'ing the sh!t out of me. Next time I see her and you aren't around I'm bringing her home".

    I know some of you guys might be thinking "Holy crap I would NEVER say stuff like that to a woman". Well guess what, if it's congruent with your personality it works. It keeps women off balance because they NEVER know what your going to say. They are continually shocked at the stuff that comes out of your mouth.

    The key here is to not overdo it. I can and get away with it, you probably can't. Whenever I'm being REALLY cocky I'm always throwing nice lines in there like complimenting her on part of her outfit or I'll say something really bold then give her a hug.

    You also must say things that amuse you. I say these things because I find them funny. I don't care if she does or not, but most of the time they find it funny too. I act this way because its entertaining to me, not to pick up chicks. I think this is a key Mindset when using cocky-funny. Don't try to make her laugh, say some cocky line because you think it's funny.

    Once you get better at it you learn how to use your facial expressions. Sometimes I will give a big smile when I say something and sometimes I'll keep a straight face. When you get used to it more you know when to do one or the other. I'm not fully aware of it myself, I just do it.

    If you're cocky-funny don't hide it! Girls find it irresistible! You can say whatever you want and you'll have women think your the funniest, sexiest, and most charming guy around!

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    Default Re: Cocky-Funny. How you know you're doing it right.

    Part 2:

    If your using cocky-funny correctly she will respond to your remarks in a few ways.

    -She will laugh
    -She will look amused/smile
    -She will look shocked but not in an angry way
    -She will playfully spit some sassy remark back to you (which you should respond to in a cocky-funny way)
    -She plays along
    -She hits you

    If you've gone too far she will respond in a few ways.

    -Walk away
    -Get angry
    -Call you a jerk/asshole but NOT in a playful way
    -Negative body language/just looks pissed

    If you've gone too far you need to address it. I really like this line "I'm kidding. I'm kidding" Then you lower your voice and say "No I'm not" (Credit to David X). Then I usually smile. Or if she calls you a F'in asshole and you KNOW she's angry I'll say "I know I am. I don't know WHY you hang out with me. I'm the biggest asshole in the world. You really shouldn't talk to me" Then I smile. This usually gets her to laugh and realize that your not really that big of an asshole. You can use this same line if she calls you an asshole but she's really NOT mad at you too.

    Another way to address the problem if you go too far is to back off. Tell her your kidding. Then later put your arm around her and in a low seductive tone tell her about all of her traits that you really appreciate.

    That's the thing with cocky-funny. I'm not ACTUALLY an asshole to these women. I open doors for them, pull out their chairs, make sure they are okay, protect them, and tell them what I like about them/why they are special. The cocky-funny stuff is stuff that I find funny.


    I don't get super cocky-funny right when I meet a girl. I throw out some cocky-funny remarks so she gets a taste but I'm definitely not as bold as I will be later on. If your cocky-funny is too much right at the beginning it can turn her off and she will ACTUALLY think your an asshole, which your not.

    I turn up the cocky-funny every time I see her for the first few times until she sleeps over/ I sleep over at her place. Then it's full on boldness from here on out. At this point she should know it's part of your personality and you can get away with saying ANYTHING. She will find it hilarious too. This is a great way to keep a girl, and keep her on her toes. She will continually be amazed/shocked at what comes out of your mouth. That's the thing with women: They wan't to hear the unexpected.

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