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    Ambition Guest

    Default She Invites You Over With Friends

    I met a chick at a party the other night, and we've been talking since then every day. Last night she said some friends were coming over for drinks and invited me over. When she said other people were going to be there, I honestly didn't know what to do, so I said no thanks (it was also late, and she lives on the other side of town, both excuses she'd actually used on me an hour earlier).

    The fact that I bailed aside, does anyone have tips for running game at a girls house while her friends are there?

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    Default Re: She Invites You Over With Friends

    What a great opportunity to show how fun and cool you are. Befriend everyone, flirt (mildly) with the girls that are there - hang out and talk shop with the fellas. Just be a fun cool guy... I imagine after a couple of hours of her friends being there, they will get tired and leave the two of you alone.

    Now that her friends have 'approved' of you, she is going to want you with very little if any LMR.

    That sounds like it was a great opportunity to easily seal the deal.

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    Solomon Guest

    Default Re: She Invites You Over With Friends

    Hmmm... I understand that she has like, the home court advantage, so she's more comfy and all that. But since she invited you, then she obviously wants to either show you off or get her friends' approval... either way, that will also make her a little nervous, for sure. Anyway, am thinking the same basic rule still applies, charm everyone, be confident... and bring up the topic of sex! Haha... Well, at least make sure nobody cockblocks you there!

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    Ambition Guest

    Default Re: She Invites You Over With Friends

    I appreciate the advice guys. Sounds like a solid plan.

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