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Thread: Group of Girls

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    Default Group of Girls

    Hey guys, what's up G0ldwing here.

    Tonight I got back from a dance competition where I was the ONLY guy. There were some pretty attractive girls there from places like Miami and Mexico. So they were foreign... which screwed me over in the end. Let me explain.

    I walked in and the Miami group leader said and I quote
    "Attention everybody, this guy here is responsible for you. He's part of the army (I was wearing a camo costume :P) so he will protect you, if you have any problems go talk to him." Anyways, after he said that, all the girls basically created a cypher around me and was asking like "Where are you from, who are you dating, are you 21, no way he's 23!" and Such (funny thing is I'm 18 :P) One of the REALLY attractive girls from Miami said in her cute accent "So when do we go on?" I showed her the list and challenged her a little and saw she liked my sense of authority.

    So I was getting that kinda attention for about 10 minutes then I had to perform. I got alot of the girls' names but I forgot most because there were around maybe... 60 of them and 1 of me. I easily got into beast mode and was talking about jazz shoes, music, my big-ass feet, how high I could kick... etc. Eventually they got tired of me after I came back from my performance on stage. I think the frame was changed significantly. I tried to talk to a few I had met at the beginning, but they had no interest. To make it worse, half the time they spoke Spanish so I couldn't understand what they were saying. I got 0 numbers 1 flaky snapchat and that's it....

    How do I speak in groups to people in a casual way (Not like presenting something, that's easy), how do I continue to create easy and interesting conversations, and how do I keep beast mode/frame?

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    Default Re: Group of Girls

    The group leader did you a favour by saying what he did 'protector, responsible for you' etc but your role is a little confused - are you actually a leader in this thing, an assistant organiser, an army type character (even if role playing) or a dancer? If you were actually the leader of the group they would have far more reason to seek you out afterwards and if you were the amazingly talented dancer they may all want to dance with you.

    Try get into a position where you talk to everyone in the group - become the leader or part of the procedures that allow you to talk to them/tutor as a group or simplify it down and focus on a small group or just one girl you really like. Otherwise it's overwhelming. Try make it look like you are very used to being around large groups of cute girls and take it easy on showing too much interest or showing off too much. Possibly the reason why they initially came and surrounded you was because of how the leader described you...but after that there needs to be more reasons for them to continue to do so - you need to demonstrate or re-enforce those qualities or focus what your role is to make attraction easier for them and less confusing.

    You can also use being part of this large group of girls to prequalify yourself for gaming external girls.

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