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    Default Stood Up follow up

    So, I received the brutal treatment of a no show last night. I stood outside a bar, waiting for an hour, only for her not to message me or contact at all, and then not to show.

    Naturally, I was left frustrated and angry at the situation.

    She later messaged me to tell me that she had fallen asleep. Now, I'm not buying that, maybe it's true but if so, it's not a good sign ahead of a first date.

    But, there's something about me which won't let people stand over me for too long. I hate people believing that they have the upper hand. So how do I flip this situation?

    I'm happy walking away but I don't want to do so without her being the one who feels deflated. Why should she have any control over my emotions? Clearly, she's not good enough for me.

    So. Is there anything I can say? Oh and, yup, she was a flake from online. Easiest place for anyone to flake from.

    She was the first woman that has ever stood me up so I think that reinforces my attitude of not wanting to end with her having the upper hand.

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    Default Re: Stood Up follow up

    Dude you shouldnt care. If she truly isnt good enough for you. You should blow it off. Its not healthy to want revenge.

    And next time to prevent you from standing outside for god knows how long next time. Text her up a couple hours before the date and tell her your going to be 15 min late. If she was planning on flaking she wont respond and if she is then you know shes down for the meet up. Not to mention since you say your gonna be late it comes across non-needy and attractive.

    Don't worry dude just breath. Its all a game.
    "I've never seen anyone pull as quickly or as efficiently as you"
    -HarryRat(Simplepicku p)

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