Something i have noticed.... Is that word "confident". As I am sure we have all hear the ever famous "Just be confident bro"speech. If you don't understand what that word means,how can you get it? You need to define it ....No not from the dictionary... But in yourself.

Think about the last time you saw someone that was very confident, how was their posture, did they have a smile on their face? What was it that really made them confident? I am willing to bet that they understood the meaning of the word for themselves. Sure you can fake it but wouldn't it be better to HAVE it.

So challenge yourself to define that word, after you have been able to do that start a new Mindset. Adapt it into your life, start having positive thoughts about yourself. The more you are able to do that the more confident you will become in your life, I will not tell you it is an easy thing to achieve. Once you believe in yourself and really believe it others will see it I guarantee it.

Here is what it means to me.......

The ability to convey who I am and what I about in a positive way. So to me its only a mindset, a positive way of thinking. So if your lost for how to begin on being confident, here is a great place to start.

This is a sure fire way to be the best approach

Hope this helped give some thumbs up if it did!!!!