But I have one thing to say. After seeing a new movie I kinda get it. Just this morning on my B-day I had to face rejection again from a chick I pursued for 8 months which was a Jealousy Plotline. But cuz she shut me down hard that ruins my chances for her friend. Then I saw that girl from Buckle and every time I walk in she goes in the back to avoid me. Then I gave my number to some girl at work who asked and she never called. So really maybe I thought I was cooler than I really was.

I mean I thought the things they said were about me, I thought the passes they made gave me some leeway. But no I am not stuck not even in a rut just in warm up mode. The Bartenders are nice but they all have BF's. The one girl I still like we had a falling out and based on my "thinking" I am cool when I am not she probably doesn't like me either. So I really am batting zero's right now but strangely random girls say I am hot and I get tons of female attention like they look "hungry" for my attention and dying to talk to me and then when I talk they act like they don't care.

Next Steps
Granted I get tons of hot chicks hitting on me, flirting, and checking me out it usually always presents me with a challenge and not usually in a good way. I guess it is a good thing lots of hot chicks notice me but it sucks at the same time . So I decided to just rub some dirt on it. I used to freak out to rejection over radio signals. I would panic and today I just shrugged. Like shrugging on a 10 is rather unusual of me. This is not me giving up this is me pressing in. I get called a freak, crazy, and weird a lot but sometimes I get called a badass and tons of badass nicknames. Girls think I talk too much! But I noticed a lot of hot girls ain't got jack to say that's why I run the opener and control the convo AND set the tone. Me the man.

Changing Seasons
But things are changing and Summer is almost here and I will be so inundated I'll have to pick and choose. It's sad you can't get every girl but girls seem fickle. So I get my next tatt in a month or so and after that hitting all my fave spots to begin running my Summer Gauntlet. My approach target is 125 this year and done 8 so far but that will sky rocket since I am not going out right now. Sad cuz the chick that told me to get buff and tatted now left me hanging. If they saw me once I complete my project Ice Titan they would probably think twice but maybe not. Either way I am moving in another direction and honestly I couldn't give two nickels about dating and farking right now. I am obsessed with the progress of my journey.

Changing Times
Since all my old flames have died save for one it will be time to start some new ignitions. Maybe I will start acting on my own imaginations of what cool is rather than looking for acceptance from everyone. My point is they didn't like me the way I was so I'll change who I was. But I no longer see hot chicks as hot per say I see them as my next challenge and I see The Game as my project. Granted I need a lot of work. That's why after my next tatt my next mission will be to have fun first (act out my imaginations of a cool guy). Then once I am done doing risky stuff in Set like techniques I haven't tried and fine tuning it. Granted chicks are gawking in the Club at me every time I know where it goes and it always goes south so that's why all that attention gets old. The only time I get results is when I am confident, cool, and laidback. Anything else and even the slightest bad mood or bad thought (neediness) will self-sabotage the entire thing. How else do I get there but by being myself, looking within not around, making my own fun, and lastly approaching with strong intentions.

Become no more pretend
Girls post, state, and verbalize nonsense with lack of substance but they are always applauded by me in the case of the HB. But now I see how dull their minds are since they are not sharpened like the will of a man. Their senses are overloading with a never ending flood of available guys. Well I just think guys have more to say cuz girls just stand there and fight. Either way I have to fight the struggle just to get laid. It's a battle not a playground. That's why I am going through Spring training of the Gym, tatts, clothes, and practice approaches in time for the Big Game this Summer. I'll report back as it goes but now it's just the dry season.