first off, I want to tell you guys something important. it is ok to compliment a woman. as a matter of fact, a well placed compliment can be more powerful than any neg.

now, the kicker about complimenting a woman, is that it has to be sincere. if you don't mean it, don't say it. too many guys think that they can compliment a woman enough for her to have sex with them because of how sweet they are. doing that makes you completely disingenuous.

what it is:
a compliment is a way of showing genuine interest in the girl. woman often listen for compliments,( and sometimes fish for them) to see how interested you are in them.

simply put a compliment is an Indicator Of Interest, use them only when you feel interested/ attracted.

what its not:
compliments should not be used to win a girl over. its not like a magic phrase that's going to make a woman want you. all too often i'l see guys throwing compliments out like candy in attempts to get girls to like them.

why are they important?

showing positive interest is necessary in relationships and even for casual sex. a woman need to feel like she has won you over in order for her to feel good about taking things to the next level (wether that would be dating, casual sex, or even a hookup) woman have to feel like you're not just in it for sex. and of course if you are just in it for sex. make that clear before you fark her. (you might not get laid, but it will save you from being drained emotionally)

how to use them:

compliments should be used when girls are doing things to try and win you over. they are not to be used to win girls over, but rather to reward them for winning you over.

compliments need to be honest or at least seem genuine. if your girl makes you food that sucks, then be honest, don't lie to her while your choking on her bad spaghetti.

that said, you should still show some appreciation for the fact that she tried to win you over. if the food was bad, tell her how much you appreciate that she made you dinner ( buy her a farking cookbook after you fark her brains out)

however there are exceptions to every rule.

if a girl starts fishing for compliments, feel free to call her out on that sh!t or just don't answer her (or if your witty enough, make a joke about it)

woman are testing your honesty when they do this. if you are willing to lie to make her feel good about herself, then she already has too much power over you. of course that doesn't mean you need to put her down either.


a lot of people are guilty of not showing enough interest. (I know I'm one of them at times) compliments are just one way of displaying that interest. being good with woman is nice, but being honest with them is a lot sweeter. showing genuine interest is a skill every pua should have in his toolbox. so get out there and don't be afraid to tell a girl that she's winning you over.

peace out.