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    Default asking her out - mixed signals

    Iím 25 and I teach; a new teacher - HB8 - (30 years old) came to the school a few weeks ago and my she is fine. I used to see her occasionally as our school interacts quite often with her old school and from that time Iíve been itching to talk to her.

    However as you would expect now that she is at my school weíd interact; and thatís what happened. Initially I didnít go in for the kill, in the first week I took my time. Now the other young female teachers at the school told her in the staff room once to come to me if she wants help with stuff especially with computers, and the teacher that she replaced also told her she can talk to me cause we used to spend time together.

    Now I donít know if that helped my case lol but in week 2 of the term I asked for her number for whatsapp. I didnít message initially, took like a week to message, and it wasnít anything serious. Now she has a child, about 4 years old, and Iím not sure if she is single or not. Her facebook page has ZERO pics with her child father, but she has plentyyyyyy friends & family pics with cousins, her brothers etc.

    This is getting long so Iíll just cut to the chase. In week 3 while at her class she told me a few girls in her class claims that she likes me lol(girls aged 8 or so), I laughed it off. Then both of us heard one of them tell a next that she loves me. After when we were going separate ways she said ďbye my loveĒ and I laughed lol.

    On the following Sunday she was having a cold, and I decided to game her, asking if she wanted a massage, nurse etc and that she couldnít afford my fee. She asked what I wud do and I said Iíd give her a sensual massage, she said that sounds good. After a bit of back and forth I said we shud go out sometime, and she said yes lol.
    After she said she drank a bottle of wine alone a few days before that, I told her that we shud drink one together sometime, and she immediately said she buys them in twos, she has a next there.
    NowÖ.on Monday we spoke in person a bit but not about any of the convo.

    Then Tuesday she messaged me to save her she is bored, I asked her if she wants a show and she said yeah.
    Now I was prepping for lunch, and asked her if she was going for lunch, she said nah and asked if I wanted to go with her. I said I had lunch but we cud go for some sometime. She didnít reply (over whatsapp).
    However the same evening she flirted.

    Today nowÖwe spoke a bit and at lunch while I was eating, she moved a chair in the staff room from far away and brought it to sit in front me and talk. After school again she came up to me and told me that a girl said that she likes me lol, and she said jokingly that sheíll have to keep from around me, again I laughed it off.

    I want to ask her out, but where do u think we shud go? She likes going to bars but Iím not so sure if that wud be a good first date idea lol. I know this message has been long but do u have any advice? Thanks guys.

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    Default Re: asking her out - mixed signals

    Dude I don't proclaim to be a PUA master or anything but from what you are writing it sounds like she is giving you all the right signals and you are simply not acting on them.

    Be honest with yourself are you scared of what might happen if the date fails etc? Don't over think it do something fun which both of you can enjoy. Ideally something which you are good at as well.

    As an example I try to take girls rock climbing for our first dates just cause I rock climb a lot and there is a lot of dhv on the first date.

    If you don't like bars then don't do the first date at a bar. Pretty simple stuff.

    Good luck bro.

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