This is only the beginning not the end. But before I get to the end it must state why I am obsessed with the beginning.

I saw a movie in a new light today after seeing a hot chick. All I could think of was Pick Up and the entire trailer felt like a metaphor. The movie for the metaphor is Edge of Tomorrow.

Everyday is judgement day which is literal when you want to approach, you are stuck in a time loop which is literal for having to play a numbers game and approach large numbers of hot chicks creates a repetition of being stuck back at the beginning a lot.

You wake up but you can't just go out and suddenly start "approaching" you have to practice or train. My interpretation of this would be hitting the Gym and researching. You are sitting there fighting aliens everyday and in a war (aka blow outs, ice shields, cockblocks, rejection), which is why you need the proper training and preparation. The slogan was "To Victory" which basically means to me to master the beginning (window of approach/aa) and this alter my ending of nothing happening and leaving everywhere alone. But to change that will in effect change "my ending" since if I can change my beginning with the right tools in place I can change my ending and score.

You die everyday which is a lot like Pick Up since many girls never switch over to Day 2's and if they do eventually fall off the map bringing you back to square one.

What was I thinking? Well I just saw a Milf at the theatre so obviously I was thinking why I didn't approach. I am not trying to beat myself up since I will approaching on another ethereal plane this Summer but I was stuck with the limiting belief for the longest time of only planned ventures for Pick Up but wondering why I don't take action for the things I want? Ever since I dated the cougar I feel the cougars view me differently. This cougar looked like she was in heat but probably married since she was with her daughter looked like.

Either way I was thinking like maybe she'll come to my theatre and sit near me for a chance but I never saw her after that. So watching this trailer made me realize it's not the end. Of making excuses like I'll have another chance but living in the moment and approaching in that tiny window during the "beginning" before it ends with me hoping something will happen. Cuz when it ends that way nothing ever happens so I know the ending of me going home alone.

Not saying I should approach every target or even this target just waking up for my Summer gauntlet and when I began my run it will not just going hopping from venue to venue going approach crazy. It will be this, these random moments of approaching in the midst of nothingness while trying to see a movie which has nothing to do with me getting chicks.

But I don't need to force myself since I love cougars and I know how to deal with them. It is rather knowing before I begin my run of my Summer Gauntlet it is not a run it is a marathon and I can't sit there hoping I must live knowing everyday is Judgement Day and approach on the wire and every second I am active and putting myself out there. Not sitting there going I wonder what if no but actually jumping in.

My Summer Gauntlet begins at the Beer Festival after my next tatt from last weekend of June-Sept with no holds barred and literally activating the approach machine within me. So no I didn't have to approach her, not my point. My point is I always miss that and to take note so when I am running my Gauntlet not to just focus on the "spots" but these little glitches where something pops up unexpectedly and taking action. That will be the true test of my progress not to whether I can close at a Night spot cuz I can open anything in a night spot. But opening in all avenues of Daygame and letting loose every ounce just like I was out on a Saturday night trying to get some action. And learning to calibrate to the randomness of these unexpected encounters. Ultimately learning to approach in those quiet moments like today where nothing has to do with Pick Up but pursuing what I want in the moment. I won't always have Clubs so I need to learn to approach women EVERYWHERE since after all this is what the movie metaphor taught me. That is what I will focus on this year. Getting used to approaching and so used to it that during every Summer from now on I will be meeting women by default and through controlled effort.